You know those creepy scene in movies where it's dark -- like bluish or dark grey? I'm wondering how to achieve this kind of shot. Lighting setup, lens, etc?


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    I’m no expert by any means, however if it was me, I’d do it this way: one light source (I’ve used an iPad/iPhone for a pretty good single source low light effect) for that moon lit look for harsh shadows. If you want a bit of light on the opposite side of the talent to throw them out from the background use either a ring light or a bounce board.

    Cookies can be made out of cardboard to give you shadows that look like Venetian blinds etc.

    Camera on raw setting to give you maximum detail and information to work with later. Once footage is imported in software, use the various colour correction tools until you get the bluish effect you want. 

    I’m sure there are better answers to come from others.

    have a look at this from the lovely guys at film riot

    and this might be helpful (I’ve not watched this one)

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