Cineform now fully Open Source

I figured this was worth a thread of it's own.

GoPro Studio is no longer being distributed and that was the source for the Cineform codec for things outside of HitFilm like Virtualdub/Virtualdub Filtermod and Footage Studio 4k. Instead, the Cineform codec and  SDK has been released as open source by GoPro and David Newman.


I would expect to see tools like Virtualdub Filtermod and FFMpeg incorporate full Cineform support in the near future so this is a good thing in the long run. In the short term though, you'll need to track down an older version of the GoPro Quik desktop (2.3) to get the codec or be adventurous and build your own from the source ;)

This source code release includes metadata code for the 360 projection that's going to be used for the upcoming GoPro Fusion. According to GoPro, Adobe already natively supports the Fusion and the release of the Fusion will also bring the release of Fusion Studio software that syncs up with Premiere and After Effects. Since HitFilm Windows already uses the Cineform SDK, it's possible HitFilm will support the Fusion in the not too distant future as well.

Last but not least, David Newman's blog post about the open source release.



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    This is good news. The whole SMTPE thing was a waste and as it turns out, not 100% compatible.

    The transition may be a little painful since GoPro/Cineform no longer freely releases an encoder. The Quik 2.3 install is still around and I could probably put it on Google drive. Decoders have been available but maybe a little hard to find (original Cineform site). The decoders are needed for thing like the OS media players to play Cineform files.

    Hopefully someone familiar with the libavcodec (ffmpeg) structure gets an itch to incorporate the Cineform code soon. That will solve a lot of transcode issues. Then it is just up to the editors. Vegas is broke without installed codecs but I'll assume they will incorporate soon.

    Native Cineform is still a bit of a mess *if* you want to move between products. Hitfilm will only do it in AVI. MOV goes through Quicktime. Premiere will only do it in MOV. AVI goes through VfW. Resolve will do it natively in both AVI and MOV. However, Resolve will not do Cineform RGB in AVI. Very messy.

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    Well I got the sample encoder/decoder pair to build and it tested ok.

  • Ok, sorry I;m following gyou in multiple threads.

    I downloaded your zip. Are you saying that somehow I can use the DLLS in this zip folder, and install them in Windows so Footage Studio can use them?





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    @aknittel Unfortunately not really or at least not easily. Those DLL's are meant to be called directly from an application and aren't VfW codecs or DirectShow filters. In this case the calling application is TestCFHD.exe. I posted that here because when Cineform was ratified as SMPTE VC-5, the source GoPro included couldn't be used directly to build an encoder/decoder pair that would decode existing Cineform files.

    This source release does build an encoder/decoder pair that works with existing Cineform files.


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