Intermediate Updates to HF 2017 - Is there a changelog?


Is it possible to view changelogs for software updates since the last major release?



  • You can see the changes in the last update on these pages:

    Unfortunately we do not keep a public changelog where you can see all of the updates but I'll pass on the suggestion to the web team.

    Is there anything I can help you with? Were you looking for something specific in that changelog?

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    Around this time last year when Hitfilm 2017 was released, there was a discussion about new features being added "mid-cycle" and I think your CEO posted that this sometimes happened, so I wanted to see what had been added since the last major release.

    The discussion on question concerned text-handling and vector\shape layers, and your CEO mentioned that these were on the list of things you'd like to do.

    It's probably in Hitfilm's interest to publish changelogs, at least of major changes, since purchasing decisions may be influenced by this, certainly in my case.

    Has anything happened in text\vector\shape handling in the last year?


  • We've discussed this internally and we plan to add a changelog to the website at some point in the future.

    Even though we have been wanting to improve text/vector/shape handling in HitFilm for a while, this hasn't has happened yet (as of HitFilm 2017 Update 8). It is still planned and we are still committed but I cannot say when this will happen as we keep changing what is scheduled based mainly on user feedback, whether it is via email, the support system or the wishlist thread here on the forums.

    If you subscribe to the newsletter, you should receive regular updates on what is happening in HitFilm and what features are being added.

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