Can I import 3D models?

HitFilm is the only editor-compositor able to import 3D models without needing extra plug-ins. Multiple formats (.fbx, .lwo, .obj, .abc and .3ds) can be imported to HitFilm Pro and composited on the timeline like any other asset. HitFilm Pro supports lwo, .obj, .abc, .fbx and .3ds. The .abc and .fbx formats support animation data. Earlier versions of HitFilm Pro will support fewer 3D formats.

3D models are listed alongside your videos, images and audio for easy access and include texturing, self-shadowing and shadow casting and group animation features. 3D models integrate with HitFilm’s interface and effects, making them fast and easy to use.

Try working with 3D models in the free HitFilm Pro 2017 demo!

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