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What would you like to make?

By downloading you agree to the website terms and conditions, software license agreement and to receive newsletters from FXHOME.

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For Mac OSX 10.10+ and Windows 7+. 64-bit only.
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Time to kick up some dust

Ready to brave the new frontier? Join our gunslingin’, filmmakin,’ band of outlaws as we head out West with HitFilm Express 2017– the FREE all-in-one video editor and VFX software.

Saddle up. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride.

Stage a great reckoning

No Western is complete without a good ol’ fashioned shootout.

Tip your hat to the classics with some peppery gunshot, using only HitFilm Express and quality stock footage*. Watch our VFX-cowboy, Axel Wilkinson, show you how to scale up your films with realistic weapon fire and a whole lotta’ outlaw attitude.

Project files

*sound effects included courtesy of Film Riot

*stock footage included courtesy of ActionVFX

Track ‘em down

Embrace the thrill of the chase with HitFilm Express’ quick-and-dirty tracking tricks.

Replacing a still computer screen is easy – but what happens when a character is running from the law with a screen in-hand? Help your favorite bandit make a smooth getaway with Express’ advanced tracking and screen simulation features.

Swap your screen

So you want to arm your cowboys with old-school swag and next-generation tech? Done.

Ride ahead of the herd with Westworld-style effects infused into your classic Western short film. Replace that battered iPad with a sleek, 24th century interface using the screen simulation tool. It’s perfect for cell phone screens, TVs and security cam footage!

Project files

Choose to see the beauty in this world

Is your audience starting to question the nature of your reality?
It could be your backdrop.

Keep the illusion of beauty alive with HitFilm Express’ sky replacement tool. Film anywhere you want and design your backdrop in post. Transform a boring, flat, plain into a breathtaking mountain range, or a drab winter-sky into a sexy sunset. No travel required.

Project files

Make it go boom

Go full Clint Eastwood (minus the “talking to chairs” bit) with more realistic shotgun effects.

HitFilm Express gives you all the glory of an old-fashioned gunfight with none of the pain of complicated visual effects. Just simply patch two scenes together for a super-quick, shotgun “BOOM”!

Project files

Pull a stunt, not a shoulder

Question: How do you make live-men drop dead (without actually hurting them)?
Answer: Post production.

Stunt artists are experts at biting the dust with grace, but sometimes those graceful falls need a little more impact on screen. See how we edited one heroic stuntman’s fall-breaking technique to give his scene a real hard-hitting look. Do not try this at home, kids.

Project files

Go behind the scenes

Exactly how much moonshine did it take to bring this project to life? Find out in our horse-wranglin’, gunslingin’ behind the scenes look at Westworld to Yuma.

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