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HitFilm 2 Ultimate

Want to know everything? You've come to the right place.

Revolutionary workflow

HitFilm 2 takes the pain out of post-production. Making high quality videos has never been easier.

Three disciplines, one interface

The dream of integrated non-linear editing, visual effects and compositing is a reality with HitFilm 2. Jump between your editor sequence and visual effect shots with a single click.

Easy auto-save and undo

Your project is auto-saved automatically, so you never need to worry about losing your work in the event of a power outage. If you change your mind on anything you can undo through multiple decisions using the detailed History panel.

YouTube upload or local export

When you're finished, upload to your YouTube account from inside HitFilm, or export a high quality version to your computer. Simple and convenient.

Vegas™ Pro 12 integration2

HitFilm 2 Ultimate has full integration with Vegas™ Pro 12 from Sony Creative Software. Send a clip from your Vegas timeline directly to HitFilm, or import HitFilm projects to Vegas' project media bin. No rendering required.

Speed or power: it's your choice

Work with HitFilm's included presets or combine fully customizable effects to build your visuals from the ground up.

Video editing

HitFilm 2 Ultimate's editing tools are everything you need to edit with precision and speed.

Essential tools

All the core editing tools are included (slip, slide, ripple and roll). Accurate selection, snapping and navigation make editing in HitFilm 2 a pleasure.

Unlimited tracks

HitFilm 2 Ultimate has no track limits. Add as many video and audio layers as your project needs.

Responsive viewer

The editing viewer provides responsive visual feedback about all your editing decisions, making it easy to position and trim clips relative to one another.

Volume and opacity graphs

Directly control the volume and opacity of your video and audio layers using the timeline graph editor.

Particle simulator

This is the most powerful and versatile 3D particle engine that you'll find built-in to any video software. No need for expensive plug-ins here.

Three dimensional environment

Particle simulations exist in the same 3D space as your video and image layers. That means you can have particles spin around other layers without needing any complicated compositing. It just works.

Physics-driven animation

Use 3D forces and deflectors to simulate complex animation and interactions with live action shots, even adjusting behavior at the point of collision.

Complete custom control

Design your own effects from the ground up, adjusting lifetime behavior, appearance and movement to create sparks, smoke, fire – anything you need.

Advanced texture creation

Create your own textures from images, videos or even composite shots. This provides amazing versatility for animated textures.

Atomic particles

Sophisticated, array-based particle engine for creating organic, fractal shapes and distorted grids with hundreds of thousands of particles.

Audio mapping

Animation can be driven by an audio layer. Have your particles dance to music.

Fractal shapes

Twist the particle arrays into organic, fractal shapes.


Work with thousands of particles in real time.

Atomize your layers

Apply atomic particles to a video or image layer to vaporize it into thousands of particles.


Smash a hole in your video, breaking layers into hundreds of 3D pieces.

Shatter map

Use a shatter map to control the direction, shape and spread of the shattering.

Floor plane

Shattered pieces are pulled down by gravity and can optionally impact on a simulated floor.

Lights & flares

This set of light plug-ins creates professional grade, procedural flare effects for a wide range of projects. Perfect for blending composited elements together.

Automatic light flares

Automatic detection of the brightest parts of your frame creates realistic, fully customizable optical flares. You can also map the flares to points in 3D space.

Light rays & gleam

Apply beautiful, volumetric-style light effects.

Anamorphic streaks

Create smears and light streaks as found with anamorphic lenses with full control over appearance and complexity.


TV & film damage

Configurable grindhouse and period broadcast styles are only a couple of clicks away.


Apply artificial film grain to any layer.

Lens dirt

Unique procedural dirt maps and inner lens reflections create realistic, dynamic lens effects.

Procedural simulation

Advanced effects that model the behavior of real world systems.

Lightning & electricity

HitFilm's versatile electricity generator is designed to handle everything from individual lightning bolts to Force lightning and tesla coils.


Simulate fire using another layer as the fuel source, with control over flame appearance, size and direction.

3D gunfire

Don't settle for generic stock muzzle flashes. This is the most advanced gunfire VFX solution, providing unique, fully customizable muzzle flashes that can be rotated and positioned in true 3D.

Blood spray

Create CG squibs and splatters with a simulated impact plane and fine control of density and direction of blood flow.

A compositor's toolkit

HitFilm includes all the features you expect from a professional compositor.


Create 2D or 3D extruded text that can be moved and rotated in 3D space.


The masking system provides point animation, freehand drawing, multiple blend modes and expansion and feather controls.

Massive effects toolkit

HitFilm 2 Ultimate includes over 150 effects as standard. No need to buy additional plug-ins: you get them all from the start, ready to be used in your creative projects.


Keyframe layer properties to design your own animations, with motion paths, interpolation options and automatic motion blur.

Video clean-up tools

Use the clone stamp effect to duplicate or remove wires, people and objects from a shot. Rolling shutter automatically corrects vertical shutter issues produced by many DSLR cameras. Minimize grainy footage with the grain removal effect.

Color correction & grading

When it comes to finishing your movie, HitFilm has a collection of 24 color correction and digital grading effects.

Color wheels

Fast and simple to use, the color correction wheels are the most efficient way to make your visuals pop.

Find your film look

Combine different effects and apply them to different parts of the frame to create professional visuals. Choose from presets or create your own.

Keying & extraction

Advanced 2D compositing has never been easier with HitFilm's versatile range of keys and extraction techniques.

Blue & green screen

The professional chroma key provides high quality green screen removal with precision control over edge detail, color correction and spill suppression.

Light wrap

Automatically bleed light from your background onto your composited foreground for more realistic results.

Matte cleaner

Improve even the most difficult of composites with the matte cleaner effect.

Fix color matting

Improve the appearance of pyro stock footage with a quick drag-and-drop effect to remove dark edging.

The complete 2D & 3D tracking package

There's no need to buy additional tracking software with HitFilm 2 Ultimate's comprehensive combination.

3D camera solving with mocha HitFilm

Imagineer Systems has created a version of mocha specifically for HitFilm 2 Ultimate users. Use planar tracking technology to create 3D camera solves. mocha HitFilm is included with every purchase of HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

2D feature tracking with optical flow

The integrated, 2D feature tracking provides a fast and reliable workflow. Choose from template match or optical flow techniques for accurate motion tracking.

3D compositing

Mix 2D and 3D layers on the same timeline to build up entirely new shots.


HitFilm's 3D environment supports multiple virtual cameras. With full animation and camera rig support you can easily cut between different cameras during a shot.

Lights & shadows

Set up 3D lights and cast shadows from your 3D objects. Lights can be animated and HitFilm supports ambient, spotlight, directional and point lighting.

Depth of field & motion blur

A mature 3D environment provides full support for automated depth of field and motion blur, with full control over the virtual camera lens' aperture, zoom and shutter speed.

3D model import

HitFilm 2 Ultimate imports, animates and renders 3D models. No need for extra plug-ins: HitFilm can do this as standard.

Broad format support

Import .obj, .lwo and .3ds formats, ensuring maximum compatibility with 3D modeling software and stock libraries.

Animate model groups

Models can be split into component groups with separate animation controls. Ideal for rotating helicopter rotors or turning a car's wheels.

Integrated 3D interface

3D models work within HitFilm's existing 3D interface with full support for animation, lights, shadows, self-shadowing, depth of field and motion blur. 1

  1. Environments sponsored by HDRI Hub — Your source for high resolution textures.

File handling

You don't want to have to think about filetypes and codecs during editing. That's why HitFilm 2 has been designed to work with a wide range of formats.

Broad format compatibility

Edit with AVCHD, AVI, DV M2T, M2TS, MOV, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MTS, MXF and WMV video without any need for transcoding. Mix audio from AAC, MP3, M4A, WAV and WMA sources. Image and image sequence support includes BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF.

Work up to 4K

Create projects and work with footage up to 4K resolutions.

3rd party integration

HitFilm 2 Ultimate integrates with Sony Vegas Pro 12 2 enabling easy transfer of projects and videos. mocha for HitFilm is included as standard and all major camera tracking software is supported including PFhoe, PFtrack, Boujou and Syntheyes.

Under the hood

HitFilm uses the latest technologies but is optimized to run on a wide variety of computer hardware.

GPU accelerated

All of HitFilm's effects and compositing features are graphics card accelerated for maximum performance.

Download at any time

Find yourself on location without HitFilm? Re-download it at any time from your HitFilm.com account.

64-bit enabled

HitFilm 2 Ultimate is designed to make the most of 64-bit architecture.

Works on consumer hardware

If your computer can run modern computer games, it can run HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

Three concurrent activations

Got two desktops and a laptop? Activate HitFilm 2 Ultimate on up to 3 computers at the same time.

Web & community integration

Here at FXhome we don't just develop software. We also build places where people can communicate and work together.

The Home screen

All the best content from the HitFilm community is collated on the software's Home screen, so is only ever one click away.

Movie Wall

Showcase your videos on the Movie Wall. The best submissions are highlighted to all HitFilm users through the Home screen.

Global filmmaking network

The HitFilm community is truly international. Collaborate with filmmakers from around the world.

Free training & support

HitFilm is designed to be a powerful, intuitive tool for beginners and experts. If you need help, it's never far away.

Free video tutorials

There's already over 80 hours of free video tutorial content available for HitFilm, with a new video released regularly.

Rapid, personalized support

If you have a question you can contact our support team. We always aim to respond within 48 working hours with a personalized, on-point reply.

  1. Sony Vegas™ 12 Pro is only available on Windows.