Visual effects

HitFilm 2 Ultimate's huge visual effects library ranges from cutting edge particle effects to procedural fire, 3D muzzle flashes and color grading.


The ultimate particle simulator

HitFilm 2 Ultimate's industry leading, 3D particle simulator features integrated physics, dynamic forces, collision deflectors, a flexible texture system and full customization, all powered from your GPU.

Examples of music-driven particle animation

Music-driven particle animation

Create stunning fractal animations from arrays of thousands of particles, with movement automatically timed to your audio track.

Stunning lights & flares

All the best lighting and lens effects in one place, from customizable, automated lens flares to procedural anamorphic streaks and realistic lens dirt.

Color correction & grading toolkit

Make the most of your footage with HitFilm's huge collection of grading effects, from simple color correction to advanced color wheels.

Unrivalled choice & quality

Everything is included. You don't need to pay extra to get the features you need.



3D model rendering

Animate, light and render 3D models inside HitFilm with integrated self-shadowing, shadow casting, motion blur and depth of field. 1

Helicopter warzone scene composite

Superior 2D & 3D compositing

Never feel restricted: HitFilm combines a 2D layered timeline with a fully 3D workspace.

Superman with greenscreen example

Green screen & mattes

Work with HitFilm's professional chroma keyer and extensive masking and matte enhancing tools to create perfect composites.

2D and 3D tracking

2D & 3D tracking

Super-fast optical flow feature tracking, planar camera solving from Imagineer Systems and 3D camera data support provide a fully comprehensive tracking environment.

Titles and motion graphics

Titles & motion graphics

Create 3D text and motion graphics by combining HitFilm's dynamic, procedural and fully customizable effects.

“In our opinion, the single best software package for aspiring visual effects artists and filmmakers.”

Freddie Wong – co-creator of VGHS and RocketJump Studios

Video editing

Video editing intro Play
Editing tools

Revolutionary workflow

This is how post-production should have always been. Effortlessly switch from your edit to your VFX shots with a single click, just like switching tabs in your web browser.

Editing toolkit

Use traditional trim and slice tools to cut your movie, with the responsive viewer providing instant editing feedback.

editor interface editor interface 2

“An ambitious new application that delivers stunning video effects at a breakthrough price.”

PC Pro magazine

  1. Environments sponsored by HDRI Hub — Your source for high resolution textures.


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