Transforming layers in 3D

3D transform

Your 3D layers can be transformed along X, Y and Z axes.

Even if you have changed your composite shot to 3D by adding a camera or a 3D effect, your 2D layers will still be 2D. You can change 2D layers into 3D using the timeline toggle. See Working with layers for more information.

3D layers have additional Viewer controls for transforming in 3D:

A third, blue position arrow controls the Z axis (depth).
Rotation is split into three separate wheels for the X, Y and Z axes.

Aside from these additional controls, transforming layers in 3D is identical to Transforming layers in 2D.

Additional properties for 3D layers can be found in the Controls panel. See Transforming for more information.

RECAP Transforming layers in 3D on the Viewer is the same as transforming in 2D, but with additional controls.