New in HitFilm 4 Pro

There are a huge number of new and upgraded features in HitFilm 4 Pro. If you've used an earlier version, here's a brief overview of what's changed:

NEW value graph for fine tuning temporal interpolation of keyframes
NEW bezier control for fine tuning spatial interpolation of layer transform
NEW Boris FX 3D objects is now included for advanced 3D titling
NEW support for Alembic 3D animation format
IMPROVED 3D model rendering (real time reflectivity, diffuse lighting, refraction, bump and normal maps)
NEW ambient occlusion between multiple 3D layer types
NEW soft particles for natural interactions between particles and 3D model surfaces
NEW grid emitter type for particle simulation
NEW rate stretch for retiming clips on the timeline
IMPROVED playback controls (JKL now supported with reverse and variable playback speed)
IMPROVED transition swapping (just drag on top of an existing transition to change it)
NEW audio effects
NEW Retina interface on Mac
NEW search feature in 3D model materials panel
IMPROVED image sampling for higher visual quality
IMPROVED search in Effects library
IMPROVED timeline interface layout
IMPROVED version of mocha, enabling corner pinning and tracking data export
NEW plugins support for Sony Catalyst Edit, BlackMagic Resolve, NUKE, and GrassValley EDIUS