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Scopes panel

Get a detailed look at the color elements and grading in your footage with the Scopes Panel. You can even render out your Scopes panel on a layer from the software - a feature unique to HitFilm Pro.


Vectorscope precisely identifies skin tones so you can adjust coloring and saturation. See when color has been removed, how much tint you’re adding and what color you need to achieve the perfect white balance.

Waveform viewer

HitFilm Pro’s Waveform viewer lets you see your world in black and white levels to identify areas requiring brightness correction. In the layer-specific view setting, you can even compare channel separation for green screen work.

Parade viewer

The RGB parade waveform view is the best scope for easy color correction and balance in ‘blacks’, ‘mids’ and ‘whites’. Within the layer-specific mode, you can analyse clipping on specific elements before they are added to your final composite.

Histogram viewer

Don’t lose precious detail to clipping. The Histogram viewer identifies potential problem areas by enabling you to pinpoint pixels and see their distribution from black to white. It also works with filters so you can see how each one affects the quality of the image.

Next-generation support

32-bit color & 8K

With HitFilm Pro, your ambitions aren’t limited by your software. Retain the greatest graphical fidelity with our professional pipeline from start to finish and work with footage from almost any source and resolution. Grade your footage in 32-bit color for smooth gradients and zero color banding. We are 8K-ready for the next generation of films.

Extended compatibility

Want to be sure that you can export your AT-AT with an alpha channel at 4K? HitFilm Pro has you covered with more extended formats than ever before. Exciting stuff!

  • Import & Export GoPro CineForm 10-bit/12-bit - Windows only
  • Import & Export Apple ProRes 10-bit/12-bit - Mac only
  • OpenEXR Import & Export at 32-bit float

Extended RAM preview

Using HitFilm Pro’s RAM preview feature, you can temporarily render a section of your timeline into memory for real-time playback. Perfect for those wanting to get a sneak peek of their shots as they go along.

Ignite Pro 2017 »

Get HitFilm Pro’s VFX toolkit in all your software with the Ignite Pro 2017 plugin collection.

  • Adobe
    After Effects
  • Adobe
    Premiere Pro
  • Apple
    Final Cut Pro X
  • Apple
  • Sony
  • Blackmagic Design
    DaVinci Resolve
  • The Foundry
  • Grass Valley
  • Avid
    Media Composer
  • Vegas Pro 14

Vegas Pro 14 integration

HitFilm Pro and Vegas Pro 14 are together at last – so you can send any clip on the Vegas timeline directly to HitFilm or any HitFilm project to Vegas instantly. Project updates save automatically, so you can rapidly iterate and preview your work.

32-bit color support

Experience a higher color depth and alpha channel in your software with Ignite Pro 2017’s color support technology for specific hosts: Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, The Foundry NUKE, AVID Media Composer, Vegas Pro 14 and Apple Final Cut Pro X.

New effects

Prepare for a mega-library of effects plugins with new options including: 360 Text, Energy Distortion, Fluid Distortion, Smoke Distortion, Lightsword Ultra (2-point auto), Lightsword Ultra (4-point manual), Lightsword Ultra (glow only), Neon Path (Path), Denoise and Action Cam Crop.

Push beyond 4K

New Ignite Pro 2017 means that After Effects and Premiere no longer clamps its image dimensions to 4K. Go the whole way.

Specialized effects

Neon path

Create stunning neon sign graphics straight out of a dystopian metropolis or middle-of-nowhere motel. Just add the neon effect to text and shape layers to make life-like sign graphics that interact with surrounding elements. Pro tip: you can even use neon paths to create lightsword effects without rotoscoping.

YUV Color Correction

Lighten the mood or foreshadow darker days with the 3-way color correction tool. Adjust midtones, shadows, hue, saturation, highlights, brightness and contrast all within a single interface.

Distortion effects

Make raging fires swallow cities and proton beams fire at will with HitFilm Pro’s new range of heat, energy, fluid and smoke distortion effects. Easily add a realistic feel to your favorite computer generated creations.

Rendered scopes

What a difference a grade makes. Channel your inner educator and use HitFilm Pro’s rendered scopes to create unique visualisations - perfect for color grading examples and handy tutorials.

Action cam & 360° video

Create heart-stopping action sequences with action cam, 360° footage and HitFilm’s new range of 360° video editing tools.

360° text and titles

Make your titles go around the world and back with the HitFilm Pro’s 360° filter that accurately distorts your text to fit 360° video. Once you’re done, double check the alignment with a 360° video and text preview function.

360° video transform & viewer

Flip your 360° video on its head with HitFilm Pro’s rotation and repositioning tools, then preview the results on your desktop the 360° viewer. You can even animate and output a non-360° video from a 360° source.

Action cam crop & lens distort

Want to create an epic BMX scene? With HitFilm Pro’s upgraded action cam toolkit you can animate re-cropped action cam footage from 4:3 to 16:9 with lens warp and adjust lens distortion to get that authentic Go-Pro look.

Editing tools

Auto sync

Tired of your characters looking like ventriloquists? With the much-requested audio auto-sync feature, your DSLR scratch audio will automatically synchronize with your files from a dedicated audio recorder – so no more awkward sound delays.

More editing cuts

Seamlessly transition from one shot to the next with industry-standard J-cuts and L-cuts. You can even link and unlink media on the timeline using the new one-click shortcuts feature.

Audio mixer

Intensify your scenes with Toccata and Fugue* or cut out the noise in a less-than-perfect shot with HitFilm Pro’s full audio mixer and effects kit. You can fine-tune, track, balance, mix and modify individual elements and master tracks.

Second monitor preview

No more squashing your work into a single screen. With second monitor preview, you get a full resolution, high-quality preview of your scene as you edit.

Trimmer shortcuts

Time is money. Find the quickest path to completion with fully customizable keyboard shortcuts to set the ‘in’ and ‘out’ points in the trimmer.

Titling tools

Boris FX 3D Objects (worth $299)

Boris FX 3D Objects brings title sequences to life by combining and customizing 3D titles. Create your own signature look with extrusion and adjustable bevel – or use HitFilm Pro’s material presets including chrome, brick, marble and brushed metal for themed looks.

NEW Boris FX Title Studio

Scale up production value by importing vector graphics and creating your own 3D logos with Boris FX Title Studio. Using HitFilm Pro’s powerful rendering engine, you can even import custom 3D models and animations.

3D rendering

3D model created by Olav Bergsvik, rendered in HitFilm Pro 2017

Import Filmbox models

Don’t waste time on tedious file conversions. HitFilm Pro now supports .FBX, .OBJ, .LWO, .ABC and .3DS formats. Effortlessly exchange 3D assets between 3DS Max, Maya and other third party software for an even quicker workflow.

Import Filmbox animation

Filmbox .FBX animated geometry for models and groups has been added to the already supported Alembic .ABC format.

Depth maps

Take a deep dive into your film with HitFilm Pro’s 3D depth maps for all 3D layers: models, planes and particle systems, and easily composite different objects together using depth information for masking and occlusion.

Create matte from depth matte

HitFilm Pro gives you all the tools you need to create mattes from internal 3D layers or import rendered depth maps from external sources. Use depth maps to mask or occlude layers to easily mix live action elements with 3D renders.


mocha HitFilm plugin

Using Academy award-winning tracking technology, the mocha HitFilm plugin gives you advanced planar tracking for moving surfaces and corner pinning. Ideal for rotoscoping, mocha quickly tracks and creates masks based on moving shapes. Use any media type with mocha for a quick and easy workflow.

Updated 2D tracking

HitFilm Pro now gives you more controlled tracking over long distances and multiple tracking options (like optical flow and template match) for faster stabilization than ever before.

User interface

HiDPI support

Experience a beautiful, high-resolution interface and project view with retina support on Mac and HiDPI support on Windows. HitFilm Pro’s uncluttered design lets you see an HD preview of that pixel-perfect rushing waterfall when working on a UHD screen.

Toolbox tree state

No need to sift through dozens of layers just to adjust a single property. HitFilm Pro 2017 remembers the opened state of all control trees on nested objects – so when you switch between timelines every tree is exactly how you left it.

Intelligent search

Make tedious work faster with HitFilm Pro’s keyword search and find feature for all your media, effects and composite timelines. Coming from another software system? No problem, our algorithm recognizes keyword links to help you find what you’re looking for.

Effects presets

We’ve raised the bar with hundreds of advanced presets now included. They save you hours in post – which means less stress and more film-trailer breaks. Any effect, from lightning to light-swords, can be easily expanded from its original parent effect and used immediately in your project.

Export queue

The high-quality export queue lets you ‘set it and forget it’ by creating a self-executing export list to maximize productivity. You can even duplicate and modify export tasks to save time and render videos in multiple resolutions and formats. Go ahead, take that coffee break.

Export presets

Keep quality high or total time spent low with HitFilm Pro’s drag-and-drop presets to quickly set great quality or high compression on your exports. Once you know your desired settings you can set that preset as the default for all future exports. Export formats include 32-bit color GoPro Cineform (Win) and QuickTime ProRes (Mac).