2D & 3D compositing

Add new dimensions to your filmmaking by bringing together layers, 3D models and particle simulations in the same space. Create stunning user interfaces by layering 2D graphics directly inside a 3D model. Add motion blur and depth of field to anything happening onscreen to achieve effortless realism.

Object rigging

HitFilm Pro makes complex animation as painless as it should be with built-in rigging and parenting animation tools. Actions like transformations cascade from parent objects to children, scaling from simple to complex animations with ease.


Control the transition between keyframes with HitFilm Pro’s interpolation features. Value graphs allow you to determine the acceleration and deceleration at which an object moves across a motion path. Bezier controls give you fine control over spatial interpolation to define the shape of your motion path, and smoothly animate one keyframe to another.

Audio visualization

HitFilm Pro 2017 includes tools for visual waveforms, spectrums and even audio-powered atomic particles. Generate trance-inducing waveforms that tremble to bass lines or old-school bar equalizer graphics that bring back those 90s rave days of yore.

3D text & titles

Boris FX 3D Objects (worth $299)

Bring your title sequences to life in three dimensions with Boris FX 3D Objects. Create your own signature look with extrusion and adjustable bevel – or use HitFilm Pro’s material presets including chrome, brick, marble and brushed metal for themed looks.

Lower thirds

Create iconic CNN-style lower thirds with the animated 3D text tool. Use solids, 3D objects and visual effects to build branded lower thirds and templates. HitFilm Pro makes it easy to pre-compose elements and swap out media for huge variety and flexibility.

Boris FX Title Studio

Scale up production value by importing vector graphics and creating your own 3D logos with Boris FX Title Studio. Using HitFilm Pro’s powerful rendering engine, you can even import custom 3D models and animations.

End credits

Get that sleek rolling credit look with HitFilm Pro’s specialized tools for creating feature film style end credits. Select from an automated animation feature or create your own distinct style.

Specialized effects

Neon path

Get that middle-of-nowhere motel look or put the finishing touches on a Tokyo skyline with the stunning neon sign graphics tool. Just add the neon effect to text and shape layers to create life-like sign graphics that interact with surrounding elements.

Distortion effects

Intensify a crackling bonfire or make morning fog rise over a mountain with HitFilm Pro’s range of heat, energy, fluid and smoke distortion tools. Experiment with various distortions to add realism and drama to your scenes.

Lightning & electricity

Make lightning strike the same place thrice with HitFilm Pro’s limitless variety of electrical effects – featuring customizable branches, color and movement for any scenes. Effects can also attach to graphical text elements to create an arc effect.

Lens flare toolkit

Volumetric, anamorphic and automatic lens flares are easy to use with automatic identification and application of flares to bright spots in your layers. HitFilm Pro even simulates imperfect lens flaring from specular highlights, camera dirt and anamorphic streaks for a gritty looking title sequence.

Anamorphic halo
Chromatic hoop
Diffraction chromatic
Diffraction streaks
Digital blocks
Digital stripe
Flashlight beam
Flashlight white
Golden artifacts
Green circles

Warping tools

Turn your footage inside out with HitFilm Pro’s range of warp, twist and distort tools including: Vortex displacement, bezier warps, and perspective and polar warps. You can flatten your action footage to match your traditional lenses or use Action Cam Lens Distort, which makes it easy to layer your composites and titles directly onto footage filmed with action cameras.

Temporal tools

Make heroes fly through city skylines or speeding bullets gently float with HitFilm Pro’s range of temporal tools. Easily change the speed and direction of your footage – or use echo, time displacement frames, motion trails and motion blur features to enhance CG elements.


Green screen

It ain’t easy fixing green – so HitFilm Pro made extracting actors from green screen effortless with the powerful broadcast quality chroma key. Use the chroma key to get high-quality removal from blue or green screen, control over edge detail, color correction and advanced spill replacement.

Spill simulation

HitFilm Pro’s unique spill simulation feature replaces unwanted light reflections from your green screen with realistic simulated light from your new background. You can even add the light wrap effect for a more realistic light bloom around your foreground elements.

Stock footage

Turn a dreary London sky into a California dream by extracting black or white background with HitFilm Pro’s range of tools including luminosity keying and demultiply. Perfect for stock footage, these help enhance vibrant colors and darken edges for more texture in your scenes.

Matte cleaning

Key to the highest standard with HitFilm Pro’s matte cleaner tool. Get high-quality composites every time through smoothing, feathering and choking the edge of the key.

Courtesy of ActionVFX. Created with the HitFilm ActionVFX Bundle

3D objects

3D model created by Olav Bergsvik, rendered in HitFilm Pro 2017

Live 3D model rendering

Compositing 3D models into live action video has never been easier with our real-time reflection and environment mapping tools. Make your 3D models and wireframes even more believable with real time specular reflections, light bouncing and ambient occlusion.

Import animation

Don’t waste time converting animation files. HitFilm Pro offers support for a number of 3D formats including OBJ, LWO and 3DS. Alembic ABC and Filmbox FBX can also be imported with geometry animation for individual models and groups within HitFilm Pro.

Simulated lighting

Let the sun shine on your models with HitFilm Pro’s simulated light effects including directional, spotlight, point and ambient light. For added realism, you can add shadow casting to objects in a 3D scene, or switch on ambient occlusion to allow layers to cast and display shadows.

Particle system

2D and true 3D particle systems

HitFilm Pro’s one-of-a-kind particle simulator exists in fully unified 3D space so you can easily add effects like simulated fireworks to layers of green screen footage and animation. Fully integrate your objects with 3D cameras, lights and shadows for a more realistic look.


Developed using real-world physics laws, HitFilm Pro’s particle simulator lets you apply realistic particle behavior to complex animated effects like fireworks or explosions. You can customize features like bounce rate, friction and mass – and adjust the direction, attractor, detractor and turbulence for complete control over your animations.

Atomic particles

Enter ‘the grid’ with HitFilm Pro’s atomic particle systems. Images and 3D model surfaces easily morph into point grids that respond to animation or sound. Use atomic particles to create Tron-style holographics, fractal distortions, dramatic dissolves or animations synced to your favorite track.


Create earth-shattering scenes with HitFilm Pro’s video-shattering tools. You can break up videos and images into bricks, shards or any custom shape.