Interactive Scopes

Scopes panel

Professional color grading requires powers beyond the naked eye. With the Scopes panel you can carefully analyze and manipulate footage to get the best look. Unique to HitFilm Pro, you can even render out your Scopes panel on a layer from the software.


Don’t let your characters blend into the background. Vectorscope viewer identifies skin tones so you can adjust color and saturation. See where color has been removed, how to achieve white balance and how much tint you’re adding.

Waveform viewer

HitFilm Pro’s waveform viewer shows you the world in black and white so you can accurately correct brightness and darkness levels. Use the layer-specific view to compare channel separation for green screen work.

Parade viewer

The parade viewer adds another dimension to the waveform color correction scope by allowing you to view and adjust the color balance in ‘blacks’, ‘mids’ and ‘whites’. Analyze specific elements before they are added to your final composite.

Histogram viewer

Prevent the loss of precious detail to clipping with the Histogram viewer. Using a black to white pixel distribution graph, the Histogram viewer shows you how changes in the grade affects the quality of elements in your footage. It even works with filters!

8K & 32-bit float color ready

Use 32-bit color grading to add vibrant color tones and textures that jump off the screen. No banding, no pixels, just smooth gradients and future-facing films. You can use work from almost any source and resolution – even 8K UHD.

Industry standard formats

Maximize color quality on your footage with Open EXR and the power of HitFilm Pro’s 32-bit render pipeline. HitFilm Pro supports standard industry formats, including GoPro Cineform 10-bit/12-bit import and export on Windows and Apple ProRes 10-bit/12-bit on Mac.

Professional color correction

Extensive presets

Found your signature look? Save it with HitFilm Pro’s color settings presets so you can quickly recreate it in your next project. HitFilm Pro includes hundreds of presets as standard, with many plugins for additional power and flexibility.


Get complete control over your final look with HitFilm Pro’s Curves control feature – a professional grade color correction and grading tool displayed as an editable graph.

Color correction

Make your footage jump off the screen with HitFilm Pro’s 3-way color correction tool, ideal for adjusting shadows, midtones and highlights. Control hue, saturation, brightness and contrast all within a single interface.


Color correction essentials in HitFilm Pro include: Brightness/contrast, Color balance, Color temperature, Crush blacks & whites, Custom gray, Exposure, Gamma, Hotspots and White balance. We’ve got you covered.

Quick fixes color

Looking for a quick color fix? With HitFilm Pro’s intelligent auto-corrector you can immediately correct your footage color, contrast and levels.

Creative color grading

Grading toolkit

HitFilm Pro’s extensive collection of color grading tools lets you customize your own look and lighting. Each tool can be applied to the entire shot, or specific areas of the frame, to ensure precise color grading. You can even grade several layers at once. Kit includes:

  • Color cycle
  • Color map
  • Color phase
  • Hue Shift
  • Color vibrance
  • Hue colorize
  • Duo tone & Tint
  • Shadows & highlights
  • Vignette & Vignette Exposure

Cinematic looks

Prep your film for the big screen with HitFilm Pro’s classic cine style and cine style effects. Choose from effects like Bleach Bypass, Day For Night, Grading Transfer, Three-Strip Color, Two-Strip Color and Film Grain to add a flair of drama and cinematic edge.

Examples courtesy of Atomic Productions

Hyper-stylized effects

Channel your inner Van Gogh with HitFilm Pro’s hyper-stylized color effects. Create dream-like sequences or somber moods with effects like oil painting, solarize, posterize and cartoon.


Give your film bold Marvel colors without spending hours in the studio. Using your LUT plugin of choice, you can quickly apply your favorite cinematic color scheme or perfectly match the color grade from another clip or image.

Footage repair

Sometimes (many times) post production has to step in to save the day. Be the hero with HitFilm Pro’s professional noise removal tools and digital make-up for your actors.

Damage simulator

So your shot looks a little too perfect? HitFilm Pro’s damage simulation feature gives your footage a rougher look with film damage, TV damage, Flicker, Jitter, Shake and Stutter tools.