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Yes, yes, I DID put two cameras on my own wedding, as well as an external audio recorder for board feed. Sorted my camera footage on 3 and 4--dropped event markers and split the audio into mono tracks. Getting cameras 1 and 2 from videographer tomorrow, along with her audio, so I'll bounce everything through Pluraleyes for her to synch everything, then pass it back for the edit. (What? Can't EDIT my own wedding! I'd be sick of looking at it before watching it with by bride!)


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  • @LiamMcM1 You're welcome (on both questions). You just happened to post a couple minutes before I logged in to see if anything new was going on. ;-)
  • The glow isn't lighting the girl..  Basically, you need to add a grade layer, roto some quick masks where here skin and shirt would be lit, feather a bit, then use yoyr grading tools of choice to brighten and tint the areas. 
  • @LiamMcM1 yes. You'll track your footage, export the .ma file then export into Express using the Import Camera Data option in the drop-down next to the Import button.
  • @LiamMcM1 I've never been spammed by Autodesk.
  • Title is fine. Looks good.  So. An Ae shape layer isn't that much of a big deal. Shapes could have been easily created in Hitfilm with a masked plane. Using a paint program is a valid option as well, but, for future reference, don't overlook maskin…
  • 4k video requires a GPI with 2GB of VRAM. If your GPU does not meet this standard, Hitfilm will hide the presets and not let you create a project/comp beyond what your GPU can handle.  So--what are your system specs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage? 
  • I can't think of Hitfilm specific fractal noise fire tutorials, but Ae ones should work.  Fractal noise controls are basically the same between software, glows are generic. Main thing is to use Heat Distortion instead of Turbulent Displacement. Con…
  • Hitfilm should recognize the transcoded files, no problem if... The transcoded file is the same length (so don't trim as you transcode), has the same filename and is in the same folder. Have Hitfilm closed when you make the swap, just to keep it cle…
  • Can you list your system specs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage. 
  • CTRL+Clicking on a position value in a layer's Transform properties inverts the position value. This is a great little hidden gem for all kinds of animation. Any possibility of adding a similar modifier to other Transform fields, like Rotation and …
  • Ok--I've been away from my computer for 5 weeks (I was out of the country), and my comp has been locked up doing a lot of prep work before I can get into editing the 9000+ media files I came back with. I wasn't able to double check. Sorry that didn'…
  • For Position and Rotation, I believe holding CTRL and left clicking a keyframe value inverts it. 
  • @ElliotBrowne Since you said 3D models, I will assume you have Hitfilm Pro. Mocha is your 3D tracker, and 3D Extrusion (and, in v6, the new Geometry Extrusion) are your 3D text.  If you're in Express, Mocha and 3D Extrusion are both available in a…
  • Tim Well, Full screen preview wasn't added until HFP 2017. If you started on, say, HFP 3 or 4 it might have been a feature you missed among the other hundreds of tweaks. :-) I've been on Hitfilm since 2 Ultimate and there's still things that come up…
  • @Juda1 Honestly, I'd SERIOUSLY recommend it. First, as I said, your CPU is below minimum specs for Hitfilm. Second, your CPU is below minimum recommended specs for your 1050Ti (Your CPU is bottlenecking the system--you're not getting anywhere near f…
  • Probably with the YouTube Preset in the Export Queue.
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  • @Juda1 your Corev2 Duo is actually under minimum specs for Hitfilm (which wants an i3, i5 or i7). I'm surprised the software works somewhat stability for you. 
  • I haven't played with it yet, but it almost seems it has to be 1, 2, 3? I mean, saving and loading assets for reuse is the entire point, right? 
  • "roll the highlights to about 75% and shadows to 25% to expand in post. This can be done with Levels or Curves."
  • FxHome never comments on new product releases until they happen. Hf4 E and Hf E 2017 were both released in May. That's the best guess. 
  • Re: Lego Tutorial:Well. I don't smack my head, but I smiled and nodded ruefully a few times. For me that was a lovely refresher course in some approaches I hadn't used in a long time, and a lovely demonstration of procedural graphic design in Hitfil…
  • @DarkHawk Two notes: First, this is an old thread from before when Hitfilm had auto orient features Second, What you describe works, but you don't actually need the points. You can just have the camera orient directly at the object layer.
  • Inscape has really given the besr answer. Hitfilm's 3, 4 and 2017 all had multiple updates--but not actually the same number. Technically, Hitfilm Pro 2017 had 8 updates, but the original Update 7 was recalled because it introduced a bug. The replac…
  • Also, Hitfilm 4 and 2017 have the same minimum requirements. I don't think 4 would work for you anyway. 
  • Value ranges, for the most part, seem to be a straight number of binary bits in a word. So: 0-255 sliders are 8-bits, 0-1024 sliders are 10-bits and 0-2.1 billion are 32-bits. Then it just depends on how many bits the dev assigned to the slider va…
  • Oh, this will be fun! 
  • +0.5 for @Palacono 's last post. A modified Icon for plug in effects (a green "+"?) would be helpful for tutorial makers, but disagree with disable. With near 200 filters I might not remember what was turned off, and it could cause compatibility iss…
  • @Palacono potential difficulty there. As Ae compatibility is teased, this implies Action Pro uses slightly different 3D space from Hitfilm and does a conversion when exported. I could be wrong, just a guess. 
  • @JMcAllister I +1 that but think it should carry into pro for Express users who upgrade. Besides, it's just metadata that's possible as renamed effects (360 Viewer) can be searched by the original name (Environment Map Viewer). 
  • Question. Are you looking for. "destruction pack," or its individual filters? Look for, say, Fire or Shatter. Use the search field at the top of the Effects List, which is easier than searching the list.