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  • Thanks Triflix and Aladdin4d. Probably will never get around to it, but good to know now,
  • I want to post a video on this thread, but I don't know how. Do I have to have a YouTube channel or can I post from my home computer? Thanks
  • TriFix, Thanks for the update. I just tested the greenscreen idea with a door in the hallway. It worked as I had hoped. Except I was only using a room light and I guess it was too dark because the green came out all pixilated and looked really bad …
  • TfF - Ok, I see you wanted me to look at the other video about the hole in the fridge, not the one in this thread about the ceiling. I found it and it does help with concepts. I am going to attempt what I said in my last post and use a green screen…
  • Thanks for the replies. I don't think I can use these though to get what I want. Triem23, I have watched that video a few times since I started with HF 2Ex. I did it again at your suggestion but I think it gave me the idea I need. I am going to put …
  • Ok, never mind. I see it at the bottom of the screen in Windows. I guess it just blended in to the blue bar at the bottom. Sorry.
  • I had this problem on my system. I checked with HitFilm and they said my Video Card was inadequate. I told them it was the same card as I use for HitFilm 2, but they said things were added to HF3 that now requires a better card. I bought a new GeFor…
  • Just read this today. It may help someone looking for a screen recorder with a lot of features. Free. Hope this helps someone.
  • I don't recall being asked to choose any compression settings. Just clicked on export. Of course I could be way off on that. But I know I made no choices on the export using Pinnacle Studio.