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  • Add 2 audio tracks, 1 for each channel. You simply copy your existing audio recorded in mono, and paste 2 of them, and use the Channel effect to get the desired results. Right click your audio & video, and select Unlink, this will seperate the…
  • Intel Core i7 6700HQ GTX 970M "Not a good editing one" Uhm..   Anyways, as always on here, please post your Mediainfo report of the clip that you're trying to use in HitFilm.
  • It's a beast, that's not far off from what the same specs would cost in Desktop form, about $200 off. Enjoy your new laptop, I'm jealous!
  • This one has a 1060 6 GB which is about 40-50% faster than the 1050 Ti, worth considering  $1,049.99  -i7-7700HQ Processor (Up to 3.8GHz) -1060 6 GB -16 GB RAM -256 GB SSD:…
  • There's more to power supplies than just the wattage. Sticking to known and well reviewed units and brands is crucial here. A lot of no name's don't care about any form of protection at all, and so if it fails, it can take out all the components in …
  • During my childhood I was outside playing with Glock airsoft gun and an Electric M4A1 (looked real as it was made by metal) without orange tips, I don't think that has ever been a thing here in Sweden. People didn't really bat an eye. If I was not i…
  • Cryochamber it is... And actually, we have an appartment here up north and in Stockholm, the difference in terms of light emitted from the sun is literally day and night. I can show you photos of the sun blinding me up here at midnight. :P Not tec…
  • I watched it all on it was great. I wish one of these come to Sweden soon. During the summer the sun never goes down so I wonder if we would have a higher chance, never looked into these things.
  • This is amazing, thank you for this awesome write up, Rik! Tagging @Triem23 - he's the man when it comes to creating lenghty and easy to understand tutorials in HitFilm. I hope Staff notices this, fingers crossed!
  • Well I stand corrected. I believe everything you say.  On the other hand, I want to go grab my old SLR and see if I can break it by looking at the sun, lol....
  • @Aladdin4d does the aperture play a big part when it comes to damage to the equipment? It just seems so odd to me, because to me it sounds like you have to point your camera with the mirror up for a while (1-2 minutes?) before you start damaging it …
  • The sensors themselves are protected, inside the SLR's, remember that it's digital. The lens itself is just  really high quality glass with a special coating to prevent scratches and what not. I would like to point out also, that the solar filter t…
  • No problem, happy to help you save some money. It blows my mind even today that people think they need UV and IR protection for their DSLR's...
  • 1. UV filters are built in to the camera itself, don't waste money on "protection" for your lens.  Use the glass on the lens without anything infront.  Solar filter is preferred 2. Don't look through the viewfinder of your camera without proper gla…
  • Are they reviewing 4 Express? Now I'm confused, I don't have the same understanding of the software as you do. 
  • Before upgrading you need to know how powerful your power supply is, and whether or not a new card will fit in your case. Seeing you have a GT 640, it's not unreasonable to think that the rest of the specs are 5+ years old as well, like the CPU, wh…
    in New video card Comment by CNK July 2017
  • @Triem23 The video was comparing HitFilm 4 Pro and Express to Adobe CC and Vegas, it was uploaded Dec 7, 2016. Not sure where to begin, but the misinformation in that video is just above and beyond to the point where it almost looks staged. It's a…
  • I second this The only appropriate section for filming equipment right now is in Everything else. Filming equipment Cameras, lenses, pods, sliders, DIY, bags ^ My suggestion (may not be complete for the trained eye!) for a equipment forum catego…
  • Please take a screenshot of your Export settings
  • Chiming in here. I have no issues with the Windows updates and HitFilm, no errors, nothing that's noticeable. I think OP is below minimum specs?
  • I don't think that you can compare free software with a feature which exists on 1 but not 2.
    in 2 dual monitors Comment by CNK June 2017
  • "dedicate a second display as a full, 100% full screen dedicated "preview. Much needed feature for Express users. It's a quality of life thing, I don't see the huge benefit of locking that feature
    in 2 dual monitors Comment by CNK June 2017
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but this was possible in HF4E as well:   If I connect my 3rd display, I can still float any of the containers within HitFilm anywhere to any of the 3 displays while being able to resize them as well.
    in 2 dual monitors Comment by CNK June 2017
  •  Norman knows his stuff FYI- I'd go with whatever he says.
    in Export quality Comment by CNK June 2017
  • Please take a screenshot of your export settings instead. ^^
    in Export quality Comment by CNK June 2017
  • Try changing the recording mode to H.264, because I think the problem is because you're probably shooting in H.265. I think a lot of software has issues with H.265, but I could be wrong.  
  • If you can use those, you have installed the demo for HitFilm Pro 2017. ^^ No I think lightswords are free now.
  • That's very interesting. What power supply do you use, make and model? The GTX 1050 Ti is waay faster than the HD 530, like it's not even close. Something strange is going on here. 
  • The way I would achieve this would be using keyframes, but maybe there's a better way in HitFilm 2017 - I didn't dive into it yet. ^^