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  • Thanks!
  • The extra 2 minutes of "no content" may be due to either having your outpoint set 2 min after your content ends or having your content area (the grey area on top of time line which I think defaults at 5min ) longer than your actual content...dependi…
  • Well, kind of embarrassing but I think I know what happened. I imported the audio files from my download folder, then moved them to my SFX folder... when I opened the project just now I got the pop up to locate and relink the files, which I did. I e…
  • Norman that is exactly what is happening yes. At first it seemed random because it was playing only track 2 (after export). Then I realized that was the only track not sourced from production crate.  Triem23 thanks for the idea... I am first going t…
  •  I also have been noticing a drop in quality on exports. I filmed a short video in 4k @ 30fps, created project in Hitfilm with same setting, and used Youtube export UHD setting (which isnt quite 4k) but the resulting video quality doesnt even look 7…