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  • adding fx always slows up hitfilm for me. try using "ram preview" first button  to the right of the play button in a comp shot, it will load up your project, so you can play through in real-time. not exactly what you asked for, but hope it helps.
  • Wow! That's impressive. almost flawless. the only mistake i can see at all is that you can see the edge of the left clones mask for a couple seconds.  much better then any of mine so far ;-] the camera moment is a great touch. probably my favorite c…
  • I have Express and i have gotten by fine without any add on packs so far. There is TONS  in Express. you could (with a little planing) make a movie of you fighting yourself with light sabers, with nothing but Express.
  • I might be wrong, but i think Hitfilm sets image duration in the editor timeline to 5 seconds by default . not sure if you can change it. if you can change something, probably  it will be in Hitfilm.
  •  +1 rounded rectangle masks
  • Can someone pleas point me to an informative tutorial on masking moving people in Mocha?. i have tried masking out me walking past a locked down camera, but the something went wrong and my shape ends up going crazy and stretches across the screen. I…
  • Thanks Triem and Juda. That's probably my problem. unfortunately  it was awhile ago that i tried it, and after my failure i think i deleted the project (it was only a test). but when i try again i will defiantly use the proper method. what i was try…
  • Hi Triem. I can't remember exactly, but i'm almost positive i tried both.
  • Andersen i have used both Mocha and Machmover.  my issue is that after a camera solve, i parent my object (a jpeg) to one of the points but the  the angle is off. the object remains stiff while the camera turns and moves. i know the trick about usi…
  • Andersen i have used mocha before. and matchmover . my problem was that after my camera solve i wold parent my inserted object (a jpeg) to a point, but  as the camera would move my object would stand up straight up while the camera turned and moved…
  • the ability use points other than tracking points for image stabilization and orientation would be awesome.   
  • Thanks  Palacono. My first try.
  • Thanks  Palacono. Got it now. I had figured out the stuff actually covered in the stunt tutorial before i started the thread. I was going to include my attempt but i can't figure out how to do it. 
  • Palacono  i don't think you understand me . i did not mean that i don't know how to film a video of someone falling onto a pad. i was only saying that they didn't show the compositing side of the first scene in the Stunt tutorial.  thanks to the dis…
  • Sorry i don't think i stated my question properly.  i understood about the guy hitting the ground. it was that there only seemed to be  the second half the "stunt" tutorial.   i went and reviewed my original post and see that it doesn't sound right
  • add it to the hitfilm wishlist
  • tddavis  I thought about that, but i was hoping to get my as lighting as natural as possible.
  •  Thanks Triem  I figured it was something like that.  i suppose after all that you only see him start to topple over, so they were probably able to key out most of the background.  i am figuring how do something  like this myself and, maybe stage…
  • Thanks Triem23  That tutorial does help, but my problem was loading image sequences into Matchmover, not Hitfilm. That being said though i now know about importing tracking data and such into Hitfilm, Thanks:) I guess i should lookup how to load im…
  • Thanks  Andersen01498  If i understand correctly (if i am wrong pleas correct me, as i am to this sort of editing ) a image sequence is the clip frames in still image format. i converted my clip to that format and selected all and drag/dropped them…
  • Hi Again.  i downloaded Matchmover and and have a Q. how do i load footage into Mm? all it seems to support are still image files. Thanks.
  • Wow That was fast! thanks again. Triem23  I thought it would, but wanted to make sure. Thanks again for answering so promptly.
  • Triem23 Thanks. Actually after i posted that question i went and looked on Wikipedia and figured that since it had been around 35+ years it was probably legit. Thanks
  • Will it work with Express? 
  • I am new to this Is it safe to create an account with Autodesk?  I mean that if you give them your e-mail, will they sell it and you'll end up with hundreds of spam-mail ? I Know that Google says it's "secure" but I've been spamed by other sites t…