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  • One way I thought of to get around the-almost full-screen view with a single monitor would be a hotkey feature to change the screen layouts. Be good if they would add this feature.    
  • Action Pro is great but will it ever be embedded as an add-on into HF pro? I hope so as this would make it so much easier to use and understand being able to draw and track in the project window. 
  • This is a cool addon with lots of possibilities. Wish list. Point to Point path generator will be good with top view to draw a square or shape with the ability to smooth it out if needed library of paths to use or edit ( like in iclone7 ) this is …
  • Great post, I'll use these steps on the next one. Hitfilm Pro and some copilot stuff is great for this sort of thing.  I've only been using it for 6 months so still lots to learn and working through the tutorials is a great way to progress. If fol…