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  • Stargazer thanks for your help.  I was thinking the vector scope was only in the pro version. Where can I find it in HF 2017?  
  • I got you. I just wont worry about it then. Thanks 
  • Ok. Right I understand that it won't create pixels. I guess I should say I was reading and watching some videos and it suggested upscaling the video to combat with the video compression on YouTube. Is this correct or should just export it in 1080 an…
  • Boom, thanks. Found it, it as inside a folder I had made. Ha I knew it was somewhere easy. 
  • I know now what it's doing but I don't know why. Instead of it using the clip I have cut out of that whole video and put on my time line. It's just grabbing different sections of that same video and sticking it in the composite shot instead of using…
  • Thanks. I think the whole project is 675 mb's after export.   Media source is a mavic pro, and a sjcam. All mp4 files 
  • There's not a limit to how many composite shots you cab make right? Restarted the computer also no go. It makes no sense like the one I'm adding text too its just a black screen but the clip right before it goes into a comp shot no problem. 
  • Yeah. Did that. Something I've done I guess but have no clue what. 
  • I've got another issue now I went to a different clip to add some text and when I try to make it a composite shot there's just no video there at all its just a black screen. It's black in the composite shot and in the editor. I'm lost I've never had…
  • Thanks. I'm trying to get this one finished Haha.  I also emailed hitfilm and they want me to send a dx file so I'm trying to get my wife to do that for me  since I'm at work. 
  • I'm clicking on my clip in the editor time line I tried both right clicking and select create composite shot and using the button on the editor time line top left that is for make composite shot, they all did the same thing. 
  • One more question for you guys. I was using this process you gave me last night HIS_Films and it did exactly what I needed and was great. I ran into a problem with some of the clips though. I'm assuming I did something to make it do this but I don't…
  • I couldn't stand it and had to try it before work. It worked perfect thanks so much. Man I've been nearing that.
  • I will try this. Thanks so much. 
  • Thanks Daniel I read that just wanted to confirm i understood it correctly.  Thanks I will backup and confirm 2017 is working properly before removing 4 express. 
  • So I just downloaded hitfilm 2017 windows installer on my work computer and am going to take it home to install on my home/editing computer. When I install this I currently have Hitfilm 4 express will it overwrite hitfilm 4 express? or is it entirel…