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  • Brightness slider has no visible effect on the scope.
  • Did review your Scopes tutorials when I ran across this problem.  As usual I always start with the probability that I screwed up. This is 4k and I checked for Rec 2020. To experiment (in each scope settings) I rotated the direction in each by 90º …
  •  Thanks for the response, Mike.   Good thought about the drivers but he GPU drivers on a Mac are included in OS updates. I keep all my systems up to date and so I would have the latest installed. I have no way to specifically update GPU drivers. An…
  • Thank you both for the answers.   @inScapeDIGITAL   Your answer makes perfect sense.  Had I played with it for awhile I may have discovered that for myself. I don't know how difficult that would be to add that instruction into the download package…
  • Very nice!  @inScapeDIGITAL    I have been able to create a new iSD Radiance folder inside the existing Presets folder within the Effects Panel.  HitFilm 3 Pro does not allow me to create a folder directly in the Effects panel (as per the included …