Andy says "Worth a watch" thread (29.11.2017)

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So rather than me creating loads of threads for things I find on the net, I thought I would try and bung them under a single thread.

To kick this off, I came across this very good Star Wars fan film about Han Solo, the actor playing Han does a great job of pulling off the character and the filming, direction and vfx all stand up really well. It's 13mins long, but it's worth getting to the end.

Title : Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade - A Star Wars Fan Film   :



  • I liked it a lot. It had a few rough edges, but so do the big budget films where it's not so forgivable. I can actually see the guy getting called up to be the younger Solo.

    Thanks. This should hold me over till ten days past the current opening lineups.

  • @Andy001z  I was pleasantly surprised by this fan-made endeavor.  And I agree with your (and Farscape's) assessment of the lead. There were a couple of places that could use tightening on the edit but overall superb effort.

  • Pretty cool.  The lead actor channeled Harrison Ford pretty well!

    I'm surprised this pro production funded by Indiegogo hasn't been slapped by Disney.

  • @Stargazer54 Disney still carries on the Lucasfilm Star Wars Fan Film awards... 

    They ain't CBS/Paramount. 

  • @Triem23 Point taken there, but the production values were way too good not to wonder what the threshold was.  

    But yeah.  CBS/Paramount can suck it.

  • The Magic of Making Sound | That's Amazing : So this dropped into my YouTube click bait and actually it's worth a watch. Obviously Hitfilm isn't a sound editor at heart but an interesting reminder of the power of good sound effects.

  • Not a Vfx how to this one but pure fun with a spadeful of respect to the creator for his VFX skills.

  • Yup, Kung Fury is a classic

  • A little BBC info byte from Tomorrows World back in the day. All about CGI, interesting.

  • Oh, the power of it...

  • So found this little scfi gem clever script and idea and nicely done.

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    ^clever. I see what you did there.

  •  So just to let you know, if you like the vids I find or post in this thread, I run a worth-a-watch playlist on my channel, if I think it's worth a watch, I bung it there, if your bored and want some tube time, then why not check it out.

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    @Andy001z ; Really got a kick out of Doubles.  Great find!

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    @StarGazer54 yeah I enjoyed it too, hence my post, but I think the style and story really worked for me. The only thing I think they could of pushed a bit further was the final scene, with this double in the Kitchen. We already know this version is more successful with the ladies (well unless that was in the guys head!) so what if he wasn't alone but infact was with the other this world version of the girl that our hero ends up dating. Kinda sad irony maybe. Or just my mind being a bit too dark today.

  • @Andy001z it's the opening scene, but reversed...

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    So not strictly a watch, this is an Audio Podcast with Andrew Kramer from Video Copilot. It's a good listen and some interesting thoughts on VFX and workflow.

    I finished the podcast now and I give it 8/10 for my worth a listen score. 
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    Sorry nothing huge but if you have not seen the following then it is an exceptional bit of camera, direction and timing.

    See below YouTube version of the Snakes scene. I personally thing it is a fine example of story telling with tension, action and drama all sewn up in it. Now you might be one of those people that say "but this was most likely a heavy edit with events happening over several days, and it's prob not the same lizard!" and you would most likely be right, but here its the final product that counts.

  • Link is broken.

  • @Andy001z the BAFTAs? or the snakes?

    The snakes are also on youtube:

  • New Star wars can film with lovely vfx.

  • @Andy001z ; You said it, Chewie.

  • Me like

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    Nicely done! 

    (Thus was Griffith Park Planetarium saved.)

  • Very well done!  

  • So I stumbled across this YouTube channel called Dust , and have watched some pretty cool scfi stuff. I particularly liked this short for overall quality in camera, story, effects and look

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    @Andy001z  Are you sure you just didn't like the more obvious assets in the thumbnail?  

    Edit:  But really, it does have surprisingly good quality VFX for a Youtube film.  I'm only 10 minutes in.

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    (very BladeRunnerish)

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