Playback pauses everytime a press a key


If I am previewing then anytime I press a key on the keyboard, like volume,or scrolling in the timeline playback pauses. How can I change this?


  • Yes it does, even if you have another program on a second monitor click the mouse the playback stops.  It was submitted to the wish list to correct this. 

    However, If you are just adjusting the audio levels in the editor, the playback should not stop. 

  • Playback is stopped to prevent invalidation of the source media/project data by the user while it is in use. There are some exceptions, such as when using the audio mixer controls, but only because we had to engineer in specific use cases.

    I agree that HF is over zealous when it does this. Scrolling the timeline for example or switching between panels should not stop playback but it was done to prevent potential issues.

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