What killer feature should we add to version 0.4?

Hi all,

Thank you all for your support of Action Pro and the development so far - it is making the process of building the software very exciting!

For the next update (0.4) I'll be working on a few small fixes, but I'm wondering what direction to take for a more significant feature.

Please let me know how you feel about the list below - if you could give them an order of importance then I'll get to work!

Thank you!


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    As someone not in the Apple ecosystem, owning a Vibe or using Ae, obviously I'd prefer multi-select. :) Since that's a basic workflow benefit to ALL users, that's my vote for firsties. 

    An .ma export is also useful for the Blender, 3DS MAX, Lightwave, C4D users as well, and I think DAZ can import .ma as well. The more formats you can export, the wider potential user base. This is my vote for second. 

    Ipad input... Perhaps getting that down gets you a step closer to Android. Either way it's an improvement over the mouse. This is my vote for third. (Consider the existence of wacom tablets, touch--stylus--enabled monitors, etc as well. I suspect the differences between tablets and PC/Mac touch displays are more than I think). Of course we've already discussed accelerometers. 

    Which is odd, since a full 3D controller with a headset is obviously the most powerful input method. Still, the smallest subset of users will have this hardware. So, fourth. Vive and related hardware arguably should take the most time anyways? 


  • All of them...

    -Using an iPad etc. as a control surface is very cool. That gets my vote for no.1.

    -Having the ability to export .ma files allows the software to stand on its own more, instead of being something that only is useful if you have HitFilm. As Triem pointed out, other software than After Effects has .ma import, so this would be very useful. My vote for no.2.

    -I don't have a HTC vive, but having the option to record in 3d in VR is pretty cool. No.3.

    -The ability to multi-select timeline objects... I mean it's extremely useful, but it's hardly a headline-grabbing new feature. No. 4.

  • Oh wow!

    I will not comment on the others because this is the only one that stands out for me, the .ma exporter it would just be awesome. Action Pro animations to Blender... hmmm gravy. :)


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    @JoshDaviesCEO - Hey Josh, I'd like to see a timer for the record button. I have a scene that's 34 seconds and I'd like to put a 3D model in a space of 30 seconds without having to adjust the speed of the layer to fit in that 30 secs. Right now when I record I count out loud as I'm recording the animation so I don't go over time. Surprisingly, I've been pretty close with 2 attempts but it would be a lot easier to see a timer count the seconds.
    Also, tool tips would be very helpful.  :)

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