Process Finished Unexpectedly - Hitfilm 4 Express Export Error

I keep on getting an error when I export saying that Process Finished Unexpectedly, and when I open the file, Windows says it doesn't support the file or it's encrypted. If you know, please tell me.


  • Hello, I have Hitfilm 4 Express 2017 and when I try to export a video, it says Process Finished Unexpectedly and when I open the video, Windows says the file type is not supported or it is encrypted even though I use the Youtube Preset. Any Thoughts?  Please Respond 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Let's start with the basic questions. 

    What is your CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage? Are your GPU drivers current? What's the codec/format of your source video? What kinds of editing/effects are in your final video? 

  • You either have HitFilm 4 Express or HitFilm Express 2017.  The latter is the most recent version.  There is no 4 Express 2017.

    If it finished unexpectedly, then chances are the export is corrupted, which is why it won't play.  What are your system specs?  OS, RAM, CPU, GPU, and free hard drive space?  What is the nature of the project you're trying to export?  How long is it, and what kind of media does it contain (video/audio/stills)?  If it contains video, did you transcode before editing?  If you don't know what I'm talking about, then I strongly encourage you watch this:

    If you're not transcoding, it's possible some issue with one or more video clips could be causing HitFilm to crash.  Before I began transcoding, I got crashes on a regular basis with any imported video.  Now it almost never crashes.  Yes, it takes some time and requires more hard drive space, but it's worth it for smoother editing and almost no crashes.

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