(H.I.S. Films Shorts) Vlog #2 - UPDATE - Goals for 2018!! (01/6/18)



  • Nice work. Jsbarret covered pretty much any notes I might have had, and I'm a purist grump who sniffs,  "Carol of the BELLS!" but that's the nitpicky part of my brain. That's really a great commercial and I'm sure everyone at the farm was blown away by it. Very nice job on the VFX snow. Only giveaway for me was no snow hit the lens. 

  • @Rogyrue Thanks, glad you liked it ;) The music might be a little to extreme for christmas trees, but oh well :) Thanks

  • @Triem23, thanks for your kind words!! That would have been a neat thing I should have done, like you said,  having the snow hit the screen, then it melts and waters down the screen, I will do that next time!!

  • Okay!

      Here is my second Vlog, and I think way better then the first, but still not the best, but at least it is getting better!! Please let me know what you all think!!


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