Hitfilm Express 2018

Any idea when the Hitfilm Express 2018 will be out??


  • FxHome never comments on new product releases until they happen.

    Hf4 E and Hf E 2017 were both released in May. That's the best guess. 

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    They might just be calling it HitFilm Express without a version, much like with Pro. During the Live Q&A, Josh said that with the newly introduced model, they will be releasing a new version of Express later than usually the case, not in May. I wouldn't wait for it. And Express 2017 is still an incredibly capable piece of software as is.

    It also makes sense because one of the most anticipated features in the new version is the Sequence Animation tool (2D animation inside of the Editor), which would need to make its way down to Express. Doing so already in May would probably be a tad soon. But perhaps FXHOME will release another version of Express (or rebrand Express 2017 as Express, possibly with some minor updates) in the meantime.

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