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  • +1 for manipulating curves after they are drawn.  Need to be able to modify it either in AP or HF.

    On another note, being able to import 3D data from ASCII files or Excel would be most helpful.  (Yes, I know some sort of import option is coming - just don't know what.)

    I could envision importing black box data from an aircraft, for example.  In my experience with animating that, the data points are too close together.   Being able to drop data points from the import or after they are read in would be a must.

  • Interestingly, I have two monitors, Action Pro is maximized on one monitor, the mouse (red dot) behaves as though the drawing window it is stretched the width of both monitors.

  • @Aladdin4d Thank for the info.

    @Graymotion The leap is just following the movement of ether the left or right hand but the tracking is three dimensions (x,y,z) instead of two dimensions. 

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