multiple views are not updating correctly

I have an issue on 3 different Computers using Hitfilm. I had it with Hitfilm Pro 2017 as well as he new Version.

When I set 4 views - Active camera, Top, Left, Perspective in 3 D with different layers and I Change Position of one object or layer it does not affect all views. The Frame (or whatevet it is called; the mark around the Frame) ist moving, but the Content stays where it is.

Example: a small Picture is moved, so the Frame around the Picture is moving in all views, the Content of the Picture stays where it is.

When skipping one Frame Forward or back or repositioning the playhead every view is updated.

Since I have it on different machines as well as with two versions I suggest this is a bug.


  • @Juda1 I can't reproduce this here. Have you got a list of steps or a screenshot / video to help us understand what steps you are doing to get into this situation?

  • Thats what I just did: I made a comp, added a Picture and duplicated it a few . Then I turned it 90 degrees and duplicated that also. Next I set all layers at a different Position. 

    After that I grab one inside the view "TOP" and moved it - all otther views are out of date. As you can see in the screenshot three views sho the Position of that layer but the drawing is left ot it at the starting Position. The Picture is a simple jpg of earth.Now while writing it I try to reproduce. I am not sure what exactly makes it happen since it does not happen now. I have a Project at home where it happens very often, all with 2D Pictures in 3D space. There I mostly mark them in the top view while adujsting the values in the controls Panel.

  • I must not be doing the right steps as I still can't reproduce. It does sound like a bug though and it seems like it should behave the same on all machines.

    Even using your project file I do not get this. I'm clicking on the top left image inside the Top view and then I drag it in the Front view. All views update both the gizmos and the image inside correctly. Have I missed a step?

  • Maybe you have to Play around with the views. I just triet it again, opened the proejct and it did not happen. After plaing around inside the views - marking one at TOP, moving it at FRONT view and so on. After 5 attempts I got it again, now 3 views are updating but the 4th (active camera) is not. I moved the jpg to the Folder I send you a share for.

  • Well, I've played with it quite a bit and didn't manage to reproduce. Could you please post your full system specs? OS (which version of Windows are you running?), CPU, GPU, RAM. Are your GPU drivers up to date?

    Maybe if we try on a system more like yours we will have better luck reproducing this.

  • @CedricBonnier I thought I'd reported this before - or something like it - unless what you see in the video is User Error.  Just tested in HF 2018/6.

    Download project to replicate from here:

  • That is exact what I meant. I have it on different machines.

    My Computer at home: Gigabyte Mainboard, 8 GB Ram, Core2Dua 8400 at 3 GHz, Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti G1. Two months before I had a Geforce 8800 GT with the same issues. Drivers are all up-to-date.


  • Maybe it depends on Hardware Speed. I have a Project with lots of different 2D Images in 3D space where I get the effect in two Windows immediately just like @Palacono Shows in his Video. As a developer I asssume updating between the views is done by Event handling - maybe some Events are not fired or lost depending on processor weight.. Just a Suggestion.

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    Another update: I just tracked a comp with two Videos in it. When the tracker goes of Screen and I skip back a few Frames the tracker marker is not following and stays outside Screen. I used the Control Panel left of the layout. When I click on the property "tracker" at the Control panle below the Video (Standard layout) the tracker box is jumping to where it is supposed to be. 

    I guess it has something to do with the Focus of the current working subwindow.

    I upload a short Video made with bandicam to Show the effect in the shared Folder I send you.

  • @Juda1 we are aware of this last issue and are working on fixing it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Juda1 your Corev2 Duo is actually under minimum specs for Hitfilm (which wants an i3, i5 or i7). I'm surprised the software works somewhat stability for you. 

  • @Triem23 I know it's a bit old. I spend it an GTX 1050 TI in November to raise the Performance a bit. Maybe you're right and I should get a new board and processor, but for what I do as Hobby it was okay for me so far. Except working with longer mp4, which is a Problem in hitfilm.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    @Juda1 Honestly, I'd SERIOUSLY recommend it. First, as I said, your CPU is below minimum specs for Hitfilm. Second, your CPU is below minimum recommended specs for your 1050Ti (Your CPU is bottlenecking the system--you're not getting anywhere near full use from that GPU). Thirdly, FXHOME can't offer tech support for systems that don't meet minimum specs. While you've happened to come across a known bug, if you were to have another issue where you had to contact support, they'd basically tell you what I'm saying now.

    Working with longer mp4 isn't a problem in Hitfilm, it's a problem with your system, which doesn't meet the minimum requirements for using Hitfilm. :-)

    Some recommended CPUs for your GPU can be found here:

    Incidentally, this is a problem I'm going to have to face up to soon. Hitfilm Pro v6 doesn't officially support Windows 7--which I'm on. I was hoping to avoid a Win 10 update for another couple of years, but, if I run into a serious issue where I need to contact support, they'll have to tell me they can't help me because I'm not running a supported OS. :( I feel your pain.

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