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  • @GrayMotion I think I have a small Wacom Tablet, but it definitely draws within my screen. Corner to corner covers the screen.

  • How about a procedurally generated dogfight with a chasing camera using Action Pro data and Follow Behavior effects?

  • Good stuff!  I think the trick will be how to fine tune the movement.  

    @HitfilmSensei, your tests are really coming along!

  • @Stargazer54 You are absolutely correct. Right now, I am just cranking out ideas that hopefully will inspire people to try different things. The key is really in the refinement of those ideas! People far better at this than me will be doing that, I am sure! :)

  • @HitfilmSensei ; That looks really super good.

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    @HitfilmSensei Yes really seems to be getting a handle on it! I guess I'd better get to work and clear my brain so I's can wrap my head around behaviors a bit more.

    Thanks for sharing your testing sir.

  • @tddavis and @Graymotion. Thanks guys! I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with! Right now, I am working on laser bolts.

  • @HitfilmSensei ; I only have the demo of Action Pro at the moment.  I'm upgrading in stages even though it will run a shade more it spreads it out better for me here at Christmas time.   And I have no need for Ignite anyway.  Also, I'm still struggling with the Puppet Tool.  I can't figure out how to make other pins follow the lead pin??  Hoping for some tutorials from the Hitfilm gods to light a fire under...well, G rating and all that..and get me going.

  • @tddavis Actually, I made a very similar project without using Action Pro. I do believe, however, that you can create a more organic dog fight flow by using Action Pro.

  • Looks really interesting. Do you have any plans for an Academic price for the product? Also, any plans to support Blackmagic Fusion?

  • @HitfilmSensei How did you manage to get the XYZ rotational data on the Action Pro Animation Point?   I've tried filling in the Rotation X, Y, Z channels in Action Pro, but when I export and import into HF all I am getting is XYZ Position data, but no Rotational data.

  • @Stargazer54 Are you talking about in the Dog Fight video?

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    @HitfilmSensei Yes.  Sorry, should have been more specific.

    I've been able to populate the XYZ Rotation in AP, but it comes out as Orientation data in HF.  If I bring in an object and apply the Follow behavior and the Rotate by Layer behavior the object it will obey the position and and the rotation data from the Animation #1 point.

    I just haven't seemed to figure out how to generate true rotation data in AP,  The orientation data in HF winds up with  keyframes in it but  the data doesn't change much from frame to frame.

    Maybe I'm not doing this right.  Maybe this is a yet to be born ability?  The channels are there in AP, just can't seem to fill them with meaningful data.


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