How to Use VirtualDub FilterMod to fix VFR issues and convert to Cineform



  • @ProCrash And you were able to import that back into HitFilm?

  • VirtualDub filtermod now supports Cineform natively. v40538

    Cineform system codec installs no longer necessary. VirtualDub can now deal with Cineform in any container it supports. It's just mux/demux.

  • @NormanPCN I figured native Cineform support was coming but even so this was pretty quick!

  • @Aladdin4d well, when this happened

    I kinda figured people would make their own versions/drivers anyway. It's probably something the dev coded two years ago, given a quick dust off and released from "personal use" to the wild. 

  • AFAIK, The SMPTE spec was free to SMPTE members. Also, VC-5 is not 100% binary compatible with classic Cineform. At least according to the guy who did the libavcodec/ffmpeg Cineform decoder. He wrote from the spec and it did not properly decode Cineform files in the wild.

    Really VirtualDub already had all of the features to do much of the work. The file identification and the demuxers and muxers and Vdub support just about every frame type that exists.  All this is independent of any specific codec like Cineform. Decoder/encoders are magic boxes with two holes. One hole for input and the output from the other hole. Really a decoder just accepts the demuxer chunks and returns one or more frames. An encoder just accepts a frame and returns a compressed frame. So unless the encoder/decoder code you receive, like Cineform, has some odd ways of working or unusual requirements it should be pretty straight forward to incorporate into your existing file demux/mux framework.

  • @Aladdin4d  Support took a look at the files that were not working for me and said it appears that there is a bug related to certain Cineform files. It has been logged so the developers can try to identify the specific cause, and develop a fix for it.

    What doesn't make since to me is why did the files that you converted and worked in Hitfilms express 2017 for you not work int Hitfilms express 2017 for me?

    Ill try converting  to Cineform  using the new VirtualDub See if that works 

  • @ProCrash You got me! I wish I knew because your situation is definitely out of the ordinary. Do try the latest version of VirtualDub FilterMod though. It and HitFilm both use the Cineform SDK now so in theory, that might avoid a bug. 

  •  Hello! Could you guys help me with my problem? After compressing via virtualdub to cineform format i have a lot of artifacts in my footage (a lot of white dots in the black areas). How can i fix it? I tried to change quality up to filmscan3, but no effect. Thanks in advance

  • Any idea, guys?

  • @AL_ien Not off the top of my head no. Have you tried just using HitFilm to convert a clip to see if you still have the problem?

  • I cannot open this .mov file in hitfilm, that's why people from other topic in the forum told me to convert it to cineform :(

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    When I transcode like it is described here the resolution video includes TWO copies side by side. I don't know how to get rid of it. Other codecs in virtualdub work as expected, the Cineform (native) produces this one (With loss of resolution, source is HD, this one is HD but two pictures)

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