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I'm starting off in making HitFilm tutorials, but what free screen capture software would be best?


  • Check out OBS studio.

    Here is an thread with some OBS settings that will generate constant frame rate files that should also be easy to edit in Hitfilm. The OBS stuff is near the bottom.


  • Sure, I will check it out. And thank you.


  • If you're on a Mac, Quicktime can record screen captures. It's what I use for all of my stuff.  Not sure if the Windows version is similar.

  • On a Mac the Screen capture is free (I use it for my stuff too),
    on Windows you need a pro licence of Quicktime.
    Standard Version is only for play Videos and the .mov codec.

  • Oh, I have Windows 10.


  • @BlackArtStudios ; what graphics card? If you have an Nvidia then it comes with (or you can download) Shadowplay (now snappily called 'In-play overlay'). 

  • The Nvidia Geforce experience capture generates variable frame rate video which can be problematic.

  • Maybe but worth a play.

  • Does anyone have a suggestion on how i can cut out the taskbar in the screen recording?


  • @BlackArtStudios Are you asking for something more than auto hiding the taskbar? There are utilities that will let you hide or unhide the taskbar with a hotkey too. Taskbar Control is one and Taskbar Hider is another. Auto hide should be enabled even with these utilities. Most of the time if auto hide isn't enabled then when you activate the hotkey you're left with a blank space at the bottom of the screen.

  • @BlackArtStudios When I capture my tutorials, I make the HitFilm window full sized while capturing. When I edit the footage, I break the X-Y scale link and change the Y scale to 105%. Then I adjust the Y position by -20 pixels. This removes the Windows Taskbar. The video is slightly stretched on the Y axis, but no one has ever noticed! :)

  • @HitFilmSensei, I tried that once actually but i didn't like the stretched look. I guess I'll just have to go with it. 



  • @HitFilmSensei I've watched a lot of your tutorials and I found them really helpful, and I wanted to ask what screen capture software you use.


  • @BlackArtsStudio ; The guys like HitfilmSensei know far better than me and I don't make tutorials because of that, but I have played with Active Presenter a little bit and found it easy to use and there's a free version.  Just to throw that out there...

  • I use BB Flashback, but that records a custom format bounced through its exporter. I may try other options myself. I like the software, but the mp4 re-encoding is very slow. 

  • I also use BBFlashback Recorder since quite a long time.

  • I use the built in window 10 screen recorder 

  • I tried OBS and found it pretty good; so I'll just go with that.

  • @BlackArtStudios

    You might also want to check out iSpring Free Cam. You can have it record just a certain application window and it is completely free. You can also do voice overs in it as well.

  • "Nvidia Geforce experience capture generates variable frame rate"

    Easy to fix this if it's the only recording software you own for the PC.

    My personal choice Screenflow (off course Mac only) 

  • I use Voila on the Mac, which has been updated to Capto.

    I can't really compare these to other recorders, other than to say you can click and drag to select the section of the screen you wish to record, so no post processing tricks are needed to get rid of unwanted elements.

    Capto also allows you to manage your shots, such as cutting out the bits you don't want. 

    Timed recordings come in handy for recording a movie off streaming and having the recording end at some designated time.

  • Snagit  is the excellent software to capture’s screen which allows you to highlight and test different elements according to your requirments. Some of the innumerable uses of Snagit which you must know are:-

    • How to create interactive and appealing screenshots
    • Convert file format to another
    • Sending webpages with live links
    • Convert your webpages or images to PDF
    • Resize your pictures

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