I have Hitfilm 2017 pro, why go to hitfilm pro

Simple as that. I am looking for a compelling reason to make the jump. I could not find a feature matrix to make a comparison. There may be one, but I could not find it.  



  • @LiquidKhaos ; For me personally,  I had decided I wasn't going to upgrade this year until it was released and added a feature that I had longed for (the Puppet Tool) and a few other items like cloning but mostly it was the Puppets that got me so I switched yesterday.  I was also enamored by the new promised "little additions updates" throughout the coming year instead of waiting to pile it all into one next November.  I think that will be interesting to see what gets added without a whole makeover version change.  But that's just my rationale; it'll be different for everyone and you have to decided what you really need.  For me, it was all about the freaking puppets!   Can't work it for spit yet though....that's par for the course in my playing around.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    If Hitfilm is your editor(not a program used to create shots you edit in another editor), you need to upgrade. Period. Keyframe animation and text in the Editor Timeline changes and simplifies the entire workflow. If you do 360 video, upgrade. Period. The new 360 Viewer and effects change and simplify the entire workflow. 

    Otherwise your mileage may vary and Emecorp linked the what's new page. 

  • As I'm here stuck with Express... 

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