The LUT effect

Hi can anyone explain Luts to to import etc.


  • Sure, there are just a couple of steps involved:

    1. Download the LUT file you wish to use.
    2. Add the LUT effect to your footage.
    3. In the Controls for the effect, click on the Folder icon to browse and select your downloaded LUT file.

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    Thanks for the heads up axel

  • Hi,

    is there a website with free LUT-files for download ( just like "TF3D" for 3D-models ) ?

    I was seaching for some and the format of these were .cube , but there was an error importing them into hifilm. Any experience with that ?



  • What was the error?

  • I have the same problem as @Nico1926 ;

    Is it that HitFilm 4 Express does not allow ".cube" LUTs?

    Thank you

  •  @BorjaAnadon

    Hitfilm 4 Express requires the Colorist pack to be able to use LUTs.   I use Hitfilm 4 pro with .cube luts without any issues so the same can be said for HF4E with the optional Colorist pack.

  • I just bought the colourist pack on hitfilm express but I dont have any idea on how to import the LUTs I bought from FilmRiot.Can anyone help me?

    Much appreciated



  • @UthmaanKaranie You can drag the LUT effect to your footage and then import the file you bought in the effect options.

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