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    I did a x-mas tree with the particle system last year which was ok for a rookie....wish I was a "master" with the sim...but alas..many gaps

    So... trying to express my love for good motion gfx with a particle , what made this? Fluid System? Is it running in reverse at points? Where to start if I was to attempt this in HF?

  • It took nine weeks for a team of 8 people to make the whole thing in SoftImage XSI

  • Ok then... I was a bit ambitious to say the least. 24,000 frames would take me until I'm 65 just to get a handle on something like this :-)

    I like the way a sage says the obvious ..."the animation was created in just nine weeks"

  • @GrayMotion Well the full original was 16 minutes so you can cut your estimate down to 25% right of the bat ;)

    I'm not a particle sim guru either but I think if you had the models you could come up with a close approximation without too much trouble.

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