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Using Mocha's camera solver takes a bit of practice, and has a bit of a learning curve--besides the tutorials done by the FXHome staff, I figured I'd add the links to some of the resources Imagineer, programmers of Mocha, have.
If you're new to mocha, this is Imagineer's page list what planar tracking is and what it can do:
And Imagineer has it's own mocha tutorials--this link should be filtered by camera solve tutorials, but you can also check out tutorials for mocha's other functions, if you're thinking about upgrading to Mocha Pro:
Imagineer's Martin Brennan also has this tutorial walkthrough of Mocha Hitfilm:
As well as this little tutorial on aligning your camera solve in Hitfilm's 3D space once you import into Hitfilm:
As I find other Imagineer resources and tutorials, I will add them to this page.
Finally: FXHome's Simon Jones has compiled all FXHome video tutorials into an easy-to-follow list. If you're looking for FXHome's mocha tutorials, you'll find them listed here:


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    Imagineer has a new ground-up series on Mocha for version 5.

    All the general stuff applies to mocha Hitfilm as well as things on roto and camera solve.

  • >>>>>>>FXHome's Simon Jones has compiled all FXHome video tutorials into an easy-to-follow list. If you're looking for FXHome's mocha tutorials, you'll find them listed here:<<<<<<<<<<

    Sounds very helpful, but the link has gone 404 since you posted.   Anybody know where the epic study course is now?  Thanks.


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    Updated link:

    Note, most of the information in this thread (and linked threads) is obsolete. The tutorials linked for Imagineer are for older versions of Mocha (the current Mocha Hitfilm, based on Mocha 5 operates in a different way than shown in linked tutorials. Mocha is now applied as a plug-in). 

    The list of tutorials Simon compiled for Hitfilm hasn't been updated in years and lists tutorials for Hitfilms 1-3. Hitfilm 2017 is version 5.

  • Additional mocha Youtube playlist link. "Getting started". The host is not Hitfilm but the mocha UI is still mocha.

  • The following is a nube to nube report, all you film gods can go get a beer or something.

    I'm happy to report some modest success tracking in Hitfilm.   Although so far all I've done is the most basic kind of single point  tracking, I can tell already this is going to be an improvement over what I've been doing in Premiere Elements.

    I never could get tracking to work worth a @#$#@ in Elements, so I've been manually creating keyframes in my Elements animations.  What I learned from that is I should create as few keyframes as possible, and let the program create as many of the in-betweener frames as possible.  No matter how carefully I create the keyframes I typically introduce small imperfections that show up in the exported video.  The result is not all that bad, but not all that good either.  The other issue is that manually creating keyframes can be very tedious, and greatly reduces the amount  of footage I can process within a given unit of time.

    I can see more clearly now that tracking is the solution, I just need more practice, and an app that can actually track. 

    So hats off to Hitfilm, and to Jamie and others, for making this possible.

    Whether I'll need  Mocha or not is as yet unknown.  I'm going to see how far I can get in Hitfilm Express alone first.


  • And btw, not to brag too much or anything, but I knew you'd want to know right away.  Yep, it's official, I am now the undisputed highest ranking  most well respected  Hitfilm expert in my entire house.  My wife says thank god it's not her, but our pet squirrels are quite impressed.

  • Hmm...

    Single point tracking in Hitfilm working.

    Every time I try to setup a double point tracking Hitfilm crashes.

    Any suggestions?


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