I'm going to need quite a bit of help here


I literally just purchased the pro a few hours ago. So I opened it up, started to mess around using some clips I have saved, and I'm running into some issues already.

Right now, the main issue that is bugging me is slicing and moving clips. I trimmed a clip (probably a few seconds long) and I can't move it over to marry it up to another clip. Using the selector tool, I can't even select the clip as it is so small it has essentially vanished in the editing timeline...thing. When I move the mouse over the clip I only get these guys ----> {  }. 

Any advice? I know it's most likely user error and my inexperience. But honestly, I had a smoother editing experience when using iMovie. 


  • And is there any way to get a close-up of the clips I want to chop up and move around? everything is so small. 

    Thanks again. 

  • In the bottom left is a zoom slider between two icons of mountains.

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    May I recommend my Essential Hitfilm series? Particularly 1-4 and 7?

    1 is an interface tour, so you'll know where buttons are (like the zoom slider), 2 is how to import and export everything Hitfilm handles, 3 and 4 are video and audio editing tools, 7 is ways to speed up Hitfilm performance by optimizing video before import.

    The rest of the series is more in-depth on Composite Shots, Animation and 3D Cameras.


  • Thank you very much. 

    This is all pretty overwhelming. Not gonna lie. I will definitely check the videos out.

    One more quick question, since I am now dealing with another issue...is it possible to edit (color grading, contrast, brightness, etc.) multiple clips?  I have a particular "scene" trimmed and sliced up into various parts, and I want to get a consistent color. Right now it appears as though I can only drag the effects onto each slice individually, mess around with contrast, and hope I can replicate it in the following clip. Not only is it time consuming, but it is kind of irritating clicking and dragging the effect onto each clip. 

    And thanks again for the help, guys. This probably won't be the last time I post in here. 


  • Use a grade layer , set it up in one layer and copy it to those layers needed.

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    In a Composite Shot one can add a Grade Layer at the top. Effects added to the Grade Layer apply to all lower layers. 

    In the Editor Timeline we don't have Grade Layers (Grades in the Editor are a very popular wishlist item), but you can select all effects from one clip, highlight the rest and paste them in one step.

    No need to apologize. Hitfilm is a complex program. Learning it will take time. I know we dumped a lot of video at you, but those videos should anticipate a lot of your future questions. 

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    @Triem23 ; "In a Composite Shot one can add a Grade Layer at the top. Effects added to the Grade Layer apply to all lower layers."

    i did not know that ,...awesome tip .  i was  nesting  Comps  to  do that ,...to apply an EFFECT  to multiple layers . Using the  Host  Comp  as  Parent , and applying and EFFECT to the  nest .

    That's why i'm  reading the  forums .

    the  built in  "Parent"  combo box  only works on  Transformations .  i was still wondering about  EFFECTS ...not anymore .

    Meta Layers

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