What Is The Puppet Tool?

Could someone please explain, or point to a detailed description of the puppet tool feature? 



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    Here's a video about After Effect's puppet tool.   Does the Hitfilm puppet tool work about like this? 


    Can anyone point to a video of the Hitfilm puppet tool in action?


  • I messed with the Puppet tool quite a bit before the new release, and posted a couple samples (below) to my Clever Tagline channel. Haven't had time to put together a full tutorial yet, but something is in the works.




  • Puppet tool must be a new feature in Hitfilm, right?  Searched google and youtube, can't seem to find much of anything about it.

    If Hitfilm's puppet tool is about like AE puppet tool or better, somebody needs to get bragging about it, cause it looks pretty darn awesome.   What I'm hoping for is a video just like the one above, for the Hitfilm puppet tool.

    Had I found such content today, I just might have been sucked in to the Hitfilm shopping cart by the great Cyber Monday deal. 

  • I'm very likely going to be creating at least one Puppet tool tutorial/demo. Just a matter of scheduling the time among everything else.

  • That's great JS, look forward to it, thanks.

  • can someone explain or make a short introduction of the entire puppet-effect? sometime this effect work, sometime nothing happens. whats happen with edit/animating

  • I hear you. I would like to see a detailed demo of the Puppet Tool myself.

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