Adding text with out composite shots

Is there anyway to add text with out many layers in a composite shot?

Any way to import a subtitle file?

I just find that when adding text which I feel should be a simple process is made very time consuming with the composite shots and layers. Especially when all you want is something as simple as subtitles.

Any suggestions?


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    Hope that they add text to the Editor Timeline in a future revision. 

    Subtitle files can't load in. For subtitles probably using the Sci-fi crawl or Title Crawl (both in add-ons, I think) are your best bet to input a lot of text. Then you have to keyframe a plane layer as a set matte source to choke the crawl to the lines you want. You'd use Constant keyframes on the crawls.

    Sorry, I'm in an airport and about to board an international flight. I'll tag @inScapeDigital and @Palacono. I think one of those two first came up with Set Matte and a Crawl for subtitles, so they should be able to go into more detail. If not their idea, they should be able to figure out what I'm talking about and go into more detail. 

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    Wasn't me, but I'll give it a go. But it is using a Composite shot. ;) :

    1) Put multiple lines of text on  a single text layer.
    2) Create a Plane Layer with a Mask on where you'd want the text to show though it and put it on a layer below the text and turn off visibility.
    3) Put a Grade Layer above that, so you have Text, Grade, Plane (with Mask)
    4) Add Set Matte to the Text layer and point it at the Grade Layer. Set it to Alpha and Subtract.
    5)Keyframe the Text to slide down past the mask 'window' in the Plane layer.
    6) Change all the keyframes to Constant (the square shape)

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