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I love the set up and functions of Hitfilm. (using hitfilm 4 express) .

The one thing that is ffff rreaking frustrating is the export. I cant get a decent result. First thought it may be the length, but even a minute of export shows the same problem.

What happens in the export, i mean the end result, when playing it back, is sound is fine, image looks good except for very annoying shocking image. a constant "stuttering" of the image, so not a smooth flow. the stuttering is too much to ignore. after 10 seconds it really gets frustrating.

I tried everything in the export presets. but cant get it right. weird thing considering the fact that the playback in the editor looks just fine.

Please help before I  kill my pc.

i7-7700, RAM 32GB. ssd 250GB  HDD 2TB , NVIDIA GeForce 1080, Win10


  • oh I should add:
    I tried three or four players, inluding VLC, windows media player, Windows Movies & TV.

    other video played in the same players play fine, so the Hitfilm express export is the only one that is choppy

  • @johnfrank can you tell us what exact export settings you are using? A screenshot would be helpful to help diagnose the issue :)

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