My Hitfilm 4 Express crashes as soon as i try to start a new file!


I've been trying to fix this myself this 2 days I've had this program.

I downloaded HitFilm 4 express yesterday and I've still not been able to open a new file to edit my videos or use it at all. opening the program is not a problem but as soon I try to make a new file it crashes.

I've tried to reinstall and search for something that might help but nothing

so now I'm asking for your help so I finally can use this program


  • Download Hitfilm Express 2017 from here and try again:

  • did not work it's the same as before

  • hmmm, this was something I didn't know about and

    pretty much don't know what most of that means because I've never used Nvidia or whatever the name now again.

    and I'm looking around my computer and can't find anything that is named '' Nvidia'' it something I have to download or what is it to begin with?

  • @bloody pink. Nvidia is a manufacturer that make the gtx and geforce line of video cards/graphics cards.  Your system could be using on-board graphics by Intel.  If you don't have a GPU (graphis card) installed chances are this probably doesn't affect you.  But I suppose built in graphics could be made by Nvidia.  You need to look in your device manager to see what it list as your video drivers.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    We need your full system soecs. CPU, GPU, OS, RAM, and storage. 

    You can find this on Windows by right-clicking the My Computer icon and clicking Properties. If no GPU is listed, then just give the CPU. 

    90% of the time immediate crash on creating a new project means your computer is under minimum requirements for running Hitfilm. 

  • RAM:  4096 MB

    CPU:  AMD Athlon (TM) II X3 440 processors ( 3 CPU's ) 3,00 GHz

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5570 3828 MB

    storage: 4,00 GB

    I think this is it?


  • do you need anything else from me or is it good?

  • @bloodypink  With the large influx of posts here, it is easy for a post to be overlooked without out doing the person's name like I did yours at the beginning.  It triggers the notifications.  @Triem23 is over worked keeping up with all his projects and I'll bet he missed your posts.  This should give him a heads up.

  • understandable, I started to think that was the case X3

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @bloodypink Hmmm. I'm not as familiar with AMD chips compared to Intel, but, Hitfilm requires an i3 level Intel CPU or higher, and your CPU benchmarks below a Pentium (which is below minimum spec).

    So my guess is CPU below minimum spec? Your GPU seems good enough, your RAM is right at minimum. 

    Probably should contact Support directly. They'll have more info than I do.

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