Justice League Flash

Hey guys, just thought I'd share this recreation of the "unite the league" trailer. Feel free to give any feedback!



  • That is really good... (Slow Standing clap)

  • Thanks mate!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Looking nice! The slo-mo lightning works really well. 

  • Very cool!

  • Nice. What parts were Trapcode Particular? You've got Pro, so is Trapcode easier to use than the two particle systems in Hitfilm?

  • Thanks guys! @triem23 @jsbarrett @ BobDiMarzio

  • @Palacono trapcode was used only in the final shot to create the lightning following the movement of the actor, as well as the lightning streak that was close to the camera. My honest opinion after using both is that trapcode is a very powerful plugin and has great features, but hitfilm comes with a particle simulator that is almost/just as good as trapcode particular, but hitfilm 4 pro is  $300 or so dollars which is less than the price of particular. You also get a full software package, not just 1 plugin. Hitfilm's particle sim is also a lot more user friendly. But that's my opinion, anyway :)

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