Help! Composite Shot bug?

Okay so I'm doing an analysis video and I'm kind of new to Hitfilm so I might be missing something really obvious. But I've Sliced the video to different bits in order to fit my audio and it all looks awesome, but now I want to edit things into specific parts that I've sliced. From what I understand, if I want to place an image or text in the slice, I have to make it a composite shot. Which I have done. But for some reason, whenever I select a slice (let's say it's at 1:22 into the video to 1:30 into the video) and make it a composite shot, it turns into a different slice of the video? (like 3:41-4:00) No matter what slice of the video I turn into a composite shot, it always turns into a different part of the video.


My exact actions are to slice a big chunk of the video into a smaller chunk. Right click it > Make Composite Shot > Take Composite Shot properties from: Selected Clip > Effects and Transform Properties: Leave here > OK 

But then it turns into another clip? Please help as I'm so close to making my first video. I'm really proud of my work and I'd really hate for this to ruin my vision and scheduled time.


  • What OS are you on, and which version of HitFilm are you using?  Also, what is the file type and encoding method of your footage?

    FWIW, if all you want to do is drop a title on top of a piece of footage in the editor, you don't have to make the footage itself into a composite shot.  You can make an empty composite shot, create your text in there, then drop that comp onto a layer above your footage.

  • Thank you very much for the hasty response! I didn't realise you could just drag composite shots onto a layer above the footage on my timeline! Luckily that fixes the issue regarding the pictures and titles perfectly! However there's still the matter about making composite shots with the footage in order to zoom in on certain things. I don't know of any way to do that without making a composite shot without the footage.

    I'm running on Windows 10, using Hitfilm Express 2017. I don't think I've downloaded the latest update. The media type is an MP4 and I just dragged it onto my Media pane and then into my timeline. Not sure what encoding is. ^^'

  • To learn more about encoding differences and how they affect your work in HitFilm, I strongly recommend making the time to watch this video by @Triem23:

    You're correct in assuming that you'll need to put clips into composite shots to animate zoom and pan settings.  Definitely get the latest update to Express 2017 and try it again.

  • It does sounds like something weird is going on though, because what you're describing  is the correct way to make a composite shot of a section of a clip.

  • I have the same exact problem. On ios. Please how did you rectify it. . 


  • @seyifunmi851 You say you're on iOS? There isn't an iOS version of HitFilm.  Can you go into more detail about the problem you're experiencing, the version of HitFilm you're using, and some details about your system specs?

  • same problem and i downloaded hitfilm today

  • @Dirac93 ;Same problem as what?  There was a partial solution provided above, so it's difficult to tell what your exact problem is without specific details, including which version of HitFilm you're using, and what OS you're on.

  • I'm having the same problem! My composite shot doesn't select the correct slice of my video.

    I'm on OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and using HitFilm Express 2017. It seams that the only item that is not into the minimum requirements is "Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB" that needs to be 4000. But i don't see this being the reason of my problem.

  • @abreuvilela I'm not saying this isn't a bug, but if you're below spec you can't expect HitFilm to run properly.

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