How do I get a serial code for hitfilm express 3?

I tried all of the steps given on the website but all I get is a hitfilm 2017 code that doesnt work with 3. I've done so much work on 3 only to find out I cant export or upload more than 30 seconds. I dont want to lose all the work ve done. what can I do? what are my options?


  • Download Hitfilm Express 2017, load your projects into it and export them. 

  • To clarify, HitFilm no longer provides serial codes for HF3 Express.  Pretty much your only option is as Palacono indicated: upgrade to the latest version.

  • But the latest version can't support chinese font !!!!!wt....

    OMG  i need chinese subtittle!

    Why did the old version  was much " better" than the latest version?!

  • @LEEYEANJOECHIN ; If you were previously running an old version of Hitfilm 3 your serial number for that version should be under your account info when you log in using the email address that you signed up with on that version.

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