Blog Post: Ignite Express 2017 is out now!

We've got some awesome news for all you budding filmmakers. Ignite Pro 2017 is getting the Express treatment! We're now giving away over 90 impressive effects to turn your editor into a VFX powerhouse for FREE.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Surprised me, Oli--thought the official release would be in a couple more hours (so I'm still working on the launch video I'm doing to promote on my channel!).

    In the meantime I've flooded the Vegas and Hitfilm groups I'm on on Facebook and other forums to spread the good news.

    Oli's not kidding, folks, I was genuinely surprised at some of what's in the package--a few of the real powerhouse effects like Lightswords, Parallax and Caustics are there.

  • Just got it can't wait to use it, it totally suprised me!

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