[NEW RELEASE] HitFilm Express 2017

We believe everyone should be able to create something cool. It’s why we made HitFilm Express, and why we started giving it away to filmmakers for free. In this latest release, we've crammed a whole load of new editing and visual effects tools into an already powerful package.



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    Let's just put the biggest new feature out there for all to see!


  • What I'm unclear about is Hitfilm 4 Express. Where does this stand? Is Hitlfilm 2017 and upgrade to Hitfilm 4 Express? If so, why is there not a prompt/ auto upgrade feature in Hitfilm 4 Express. Or are they separate things?

  • @JSyder  They are separate programs and can be run side by side like I do with EX 3, Ex 4 Pro 4 and Pro 2017..and probably Ex 2017 when the need arises.

  • @JSyder

    HitFilm Express 2017 is the new version of Express. It's a separate program as tddavis says, hence no in-program upgrade prompt. However, anyone who purchased add-on packs for HitFilm 4 Express will automatically be upgraded to the equivalent Express 2017 packs for free.

  • Mega cool! So glad I got those 2 upgrades to HFE 4, I should probably make a video recommending HFE 2017 to get the word out. :)

  • Very exited about the new features. Probably about time for a new gpu to utilize 4k...

  • Now might be a good time to update this thread

  • i only downloaded my express at the end of last month lol

    do i have to uninstall and down load again and reinstall or is there an update option?

  • HitFilm Express 2017 is an entirely new program, so there is no update option (in fact our software updates are full re-downloads anyway).

    You will need to claim a license for Express 2017 also, in much the same way as you did for 4 Express.

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    All done, thanks


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