Plugin Bug With FCPX 10.3?

hey, getting a watermark on my hit film plugs in fcpx 10.3- my hf plugs are version 3.1.0173. mac os x 10.11.6

my after effects hf plugs functioning fine, so not sure what's up here.


  • AdyAdy Staff

    Hi @PsychicArchie,

    I have just had a look at your issue here with our test machines & I don't see a problem with watermarks at all.

    Is the actual effect in the viewer showing a watermark or just the previews in the effects panel?

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    Hey Ady,

    It is both, here's a screen grab.

    screen cap of watermark

    hmm. insert image didn't work. but, it is both plug icon and output.

    update: i uninstalled and reinstalled plugs (and hit film proper), no joy.

    the plugs in Motion also have watermark on output.

    In Resolve however, everything works as it should.  i don't have Premiere to test, but After Effects functions correctly also. FCPX is my primary editor, so i would like to have the plugs working (use them often) but can work around the issue.

  • AdyAdy Staff

    @PsychicArchie - Yeah the image didn't work unfortunately, could you try an image hosting site like Tinypic?

    Have you installed any other versions of the plug-ins by any chance, like Ignite for example? Or have you only ever used 3.1.0173?


  • i will post the image to tiny pic and update here, thanks for the tip. regarding the version of the plugs, i purchased hit film 3 when it first was released, so have not used ignite (have not upgraded to 4). is there a version of ignite i'm eligible for with my hf3 license? if so i will try it. 

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    here's link to pic, hope i did this correctly.

    MOD EDIT: Inserting Picture from link

    @PsychicArchie With Tinypic you want to use the "Direct Link for Layouts" URL to insert an image in a forum post

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Image link does work @Ady.

  • thanks mod!

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