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I'm shooting with a Canon t5i and looking for some good cards for cheap. I found these Lexar Professional 633x 32GB SDHC UHS-I Card w/Image Rescue 5 Software - LSD32GCB1NL633

But they seem to get some bad rep. 


  • Seems that the issue with this card is its write speed. Perhaps you should look for a U3 class 10 card. Specially if you will shoot in 4K.

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    Hey, I don't see the bad rep that you're talking about: 

    I personally use (from

    8 GB SanDisk:

    16 GB SanDisk:

    64 GB SanDisk (for my Laptop, smaller, won't fit camera):

    I own a Canon 600D, and I only use 2 cards. Given how durable SD cards are, I've not had to worry since I got them. 

    My two cards are giving me around  1 hour of recording time in 1920x1080@24.

    Regardless which SD Card you end up buying, keep this in mind. SD Cards like to market themself as the fastest possible, but the Read and the Write speeds don't always match.

    And lastly, the buffer limit on my Canon 600D is 20 MB/s. Both my cards are faster than this, so I could have went with much cheaper cards, but where the speed matters is when you transfer files to your PC. It's a tradeoff, but in my eyes, these SD cards are dirt cheap, considering how much use I'm getting with them as an amateur photographer and videographer.

    The max buffer size for your camera appears to be a whopping 40 MB/s. So, with that in mind, maybe you should look into a better card, which has got slightly faster write speeds. I just stick to SanDisk, there's nothing wrong with other brands if they get good reviews.

  • It seems that the 80% is bias by amateur reviewers. Also, the Canon t5i can only shoot at 1080p, and the manual says it's compatible with UHC-I, so you should be fine with that card

  • "It seems that the 80% is bias by amateur reviewers."

    I don't necessarily agree with that. Does the line between pro and consumer really exist when it comes to SD cards? 

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