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Just recently got a Phantom Pro drone and decided to see what I could come up with. I did however forget to re-calibrate the gimble so it is a bit skewed but did give it a unique perspective. The camera solve, space rock, and crater were all done in Blender 2.78. Then I exported the empties from the camera solve into Hitfilm and that is where I did everything else.


  • Nice track! That's really well done. All that's left is to color match and you'll have a super convincing shot!

  • @Keegan Thanks alot man, yeah I just kind of threw the coloring around a bit. Knew it was far from finished but color adjustments on a lower end laptop with a standard display quality isn't really a good thing. I had another rendering going on the main desktop so I just figured I would play around with that drone footage and an older meteor type impact hole I did with a Phantom 3 Drone and ended up with that.

  • @FlyingBanana78  Your tracking is exceptional here and it's locked way better than I can do.  But I think the hole would look more realistic if the edges weren't so smooth and clearly defined.  I would expect a meteor crash would have impact debris thrown up around the edges and be less regular around it.  But that may not suit the shot you are trying for so ignore that if it is.

  • @tddavis ; yeah I was quite pleased with the track Blender got me, despite it being above a 1 (1.23) There is quite a bit I would like to add but at the time I had a render going on my main desktop PC so in boredom I figured I would tinker around a bit on my laptop and pull a track from blender and stuff it into hitfilm and as usual I crashed the laptop a couple times trying to get more out of it. I will probably mess around with it some more in the next couple days when I get the time. Thanks for the input. And just FYI I realized that I didn't have the smooth shading on (smacks forehead). I might go back into Blender and adjust the crater shape a little more and add some pulsing emission light to the rock.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    The track and matchmove are spot on, so you got the hard part out of the way. 

    I'd agree on some color grading and more edge debris, but that's all easy to add now that the main shot is built. Can't wait to see the final! 

  • That's one amazing drone, the quality is amazing.

  • @Triem23 yeah I will probably play around some with it tomorrow and see what I can get done. I have access to the desktop again so I will be able to add and do things that this laptop wont let me :) Thanks for the input, always appreciated and great guest spot on scopes btw.

    @Yeremyah Yeah that quality is actually been downsized it does do 4k but being that I have no 4k capable devices other than my desktop pc I don't typically record in 4k. That footage was done in just 1080p 60fps the drone is a DJI Phantom 3 Professional

  • @FlyingBanana78 Pretty good match move you've got there, focus on your lighting next. :)

  •  Additional blender project, my main goal with this was to try and get the ocean surface to interact with the fighter on collision. The impact worked but now just trying to figure out if I can create an actual splash at moment of impact using the collision or if I will have to use some stock footage to try and match up with it. Once that is figured out then it will be into Hitfilm for some additional tweaking for some additional effects.

  • You start making tutorials and watch your channel explode, this is amazing!

  • @TriFlixFilms Thank you *chuckles* I am far from tutorial quality and knowledge. But I appreciate the positive feedback. I have just a couple simple tutorials I did and most all of them without sound. I am just a hobbyist that likes to tinker and learn what I can before I can't any more.

  • @FlyingBanana78 ; Love the look!  This will be a neat shot.  You might slow your rolling ripples down a little.   They look a little fast for the scale.

    For the splash down, you could create a plane as an emitter to represent the ocean surface.   Then have the particles spawned before frame zero and not to emit after.  Use another plane layer (or series of planes) parented to the ship that will collide with the particles.

    The real trick will be to have enough particles of various sizes and using the right texture to simulate splash and foam.   It will probably take several emitters to achieve, but it is doable.

    But comping in the real thing is an option if you can find something of the right scale and angle.   The plus side to doing it with a particle system, is once you've achieved the proper look, you are free to render the same shot from multiple camera angles.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'm no Blender guru. Can Blender's particle sim use video textures? I think the solution will end up being a combination of stock footage for the "real water" look particles strive to match with a particle sim to get the full 3D positioning and some interaction with the model and water surface. 

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    @Triem23  Did a quick look into Blender to see...and I think I'm reading yes, it can here:

    Hope the info is useful to some.

  • Ok I got the fluid splash working somewhat, Involved an additional fluid sim under the ocean simulation and a collision fluid modifier added to the fighter. Resolution is a bit low but with a single MSI GTX 1070 it would take a day or so considering the particle effect of the smoke on the fighter, the fluid sim, ocean sim and I also dropped the volumetric mist as well. Right now it is rendering out the animation at about 1 1/2 minutes a frame and it is 250 frames in length. But the splash particles are there and I did slow down the ocean movement. Once rendered I will post the results here.

    Next project is to adjust the lighting and some grading in the meteor spaceship scene at the top of this post. Thanks for the input @tddavis @Triem23 @Stargazer54 @Keegan and @spydurhank

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    Good deal!  Make sure you save multiple versions as you go.  As soon as you get something that starts to look like what you want - save it before you twiddle more.

  • @Stargazer54 yeah I save like crazy especially in Blender as it is a great "free" tool but has it's issues so I know there is nothing worse than getting into it heavy and not saving after doing hours of work on the project to have it just shutdown on you. Hitfilm I don't have the shutdown issues unless I am using my laptop and pushing it beyond it's limits. I have about 5 versions of that Tie fighter LOL so yeah I always have a save point to go back to. :) I am working on some aliens and attaching a .bvh file to them in blender to have them walking around and doing various things around the meteor crater then going to bake it into an alembic file and put them into Hitfilm for that project.

  • Added a pulsing glow to the meteor and changed the holes shape a bit,

    And the fighter clip tweaked a little bit.

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    Making some good progress! 

    Once you get your Tie splash/crash the way you want, don't forget put that fog layer back in you had on the original.  That really adds depth.

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    Thought I'd use the thread to let everyone that might not have seen the new tutorial posted today by Hitfilm about using 3D models in Hitfilm.  They have a rigged and animated AT AT  for download.  It is awesome!!!  I haven't had a chance to follow the tutorial yet only open the model in Blender and hit play.  Thanks to the guys at Hitfilm!!

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