Is H265 still Not Supported by Hitfilm?

I've had a Samsung NX500 for years now, using H265 for Videos,
And im trying the New Hitfilm 2017, only the Audio is showing,
Am i doing anything wrong or is H265 still Not Supported?

If it isn't what should i do? (Using a PC)


  • I also had an NX500 until recently. My first step when importing video from the camera was transcoding to h.264 with ffmpeg. The space saving of h.265 provided no value to me,  since I'm not storage constrained, and it drove me crazy that Samsung didn't offer an option to use h.264 instead. I also needed to run all non-tripod video through a stabilizer to make it usable. I also used ffmpeg for that. Sample commands below.


    ffmpeg.exe -i <inFileName> -f mp4 -vcodec libx264 <outFileName>

    Stabilize (two phase):

    ffmpeg -y -i <inFileName> -vf vidstabdetect dummy.mp4

    ffmpeg -y -i "<inFileName> -vf vidstabtransform,unsharp=5:5:0.8:3:3:0.4 <outFileName>

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    Correct, Hitfilm doesn't currently support h.265 (really, only Samsung was using it, and Samsung dropped their rather promising camera lineup). 

    This is likely due to licensing costs. H.265 is much more expensive to license than h.264, and the licensing terms actually require you, the content creator, to pay a 0.5% royalty on anything you monetize back to the HVEC licensing board. This has obviously slowed adoption of the format (streaming services won't touch it--the majority of h.265 devices are security DVRs). 

    Rumor has it that the HVEC license will drop in cost in 2017, due to competing standards being cheaper. 

    Anyways, chances of Hitfilm implementing h.265 anytime soon are tiny, since it's an expensive license that really only applies to owners of a dead Samsung camera line. 

    Wish I had better news. 

    @DewVinci (great name!) already listed a good walk through for ffmpeg conversion. Further transcode information can be found in the following two threads.

  • If AVC/H.264 can be high overhead and cause poor timeline performance with editing, then HEVC/H.265 can take that to another level. It tends to make things worse.

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    I have a NX500 and convert everything to Prores HQ.

    1gb h.265 = 10gb ProRes HQ but you retain a remarkable amount of detail. If you're serious about filmmaking take the time and covert it, white balance it, and color grade it. Samsung cameras offer nearly unbeatable results for the price point considering you can get the NX500 with a kit lens for $400.

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