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Has anyone else had any trouble exporting for Instagram? It seems nothing I do can persuade Instagram to accept a vid I've edited using HitFilm. It always hangs, either in that filter phase or on upload (no progress).

If someone can share their standard settings for an Instagram export, I'd really appreciate it.


  • Sorry if this is addressed elsewhere in the forum. I'm surprised that I couldn't find it because I assumed that this would be a common problem. I guess I'm just too inexperienced. This is my first go at using Hitfilm4Express.

    An exported  vid that plays fine on my PC and my phone and plays in the Instagram preview hangs on upload (no progress at all). Previously I used VSDC and had no Instagram problems with that so I took the Hitfilm export and ran it through VSDC, exporting to .mov. This time it uploaded fine but played the music without playing the vid.

    * I'm using the MP4 export, 4:3 aspect ratio, 1024 pixels wide, 24fps, profile Main, Level 4, variable bitrate (tried fixed).
    * Duration is 00.59.22. File size just over 40Mb or 35Mb. The vid is a single track which I have cut here and there, changed rate, and added music to.

    Anyone else had the same problem, managed to solve it?

  • I can't figure it out either

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